Cyclist from Molebka




When winter 1983 geologist Emile Bachurin on the border of Perm and Sverdlovsk regions, near the village of Molebka, found among the snowdrifts the drawn perfectly, 62m diameter circle, but it surprised him, but not the locals.
— You, my dear, run by Chaikin, their granddaughter and you have no such circles ponadelal — advised, grinning, long time to exchange the seventies former mechanic Artemyev. Bachurin only nodded absently, reasoning that the old age — is not always wise. And, most of all, he later regretted his lack of faith. The fact is that after the forest molebskie gained informal status geoanomalnoy zone, called M-sky triangle, round shaft pushed idle people, and Bachurina had not only to help the truly conscientious scientists as to make a truly heroic efforts to protect against Barbarians this natural treasure. But the council is in vain Artemyev deaf ear is not the only one. After all, Mary Chaikin, in 1995, graduated from college and now lives in Perm, — unique, embodied the comely maiden appearance of the mysterious Forks mysterious M-sky phenomenon.
— Oddities granddaughter appeared when she was ten years old — says G.Chaykin. — We are with her in the winter woods drop in frozen viburnum collect. Then I spotted two ice circle imprinted in the soft snow.
— What kind of occasion? — I say. Masha answered — Do you want the same curve had, you tell me how much you need them, just promise me to buy a bike for the summer …
— Well, you will have a bike, do four laps!
What happened next, it is difficult to convey in words. See necessary. Clean untouched snow began to boil, like butter on a hot skillet, forming a large circle. There is a circle with a springy solid ice surface. And then — the second, third, fourth …
Chaykin hardly overpowered Nakata Silences:
— How do you do it?
— How much to think about, because it turns out — the girl said.
— What else can you?
— I want to, snow or hail call. But this can only be done at midnight, and that the crickets were required.
— What are the crickets?
— Ordinary, zapechnye.
At midnight grandfather Chaykin witnessed what was later admitted it would be better had never seen before. In the cupped palms granddaughter of nowhere appeared crickets. They seemed petrified, frozen. The girl opened her palm, and insects fell to the floor. Immediately black night window plastered thick flakes of snow, and thunder rocked several times powerfully home. Grandfather just uttered: — Snow on request — a miracle, but the thunder in December … Let's granddaughter, tell me, how are you, normal, these abnormalities doing.
And Mary said, as a pioneer camp, when lying in the isolation ward with a sore throat, she dreamed three children, silent and angry. To relieve a sore throat, her feet froze to ice, stuck in a tiny finger on the needle disappeared. Pioneer leader, after hearing the story of a girl to be confused, reassured: "Fiction been reading, here's to you and dreamed it all!" But Maria was adamant that all really happened and what will now be able to do what others can not do.
Their supernatural powers from prying girl carefully concealed, trying not to think about the needles that were actually in each finger and brought a small inconvenience in walking. Chaykin's grandfather insisted on a trip to Perm, a radiologist. Pictures have confirmed that the needle is! The surgeon Leo Musin tried to remove them, but I could not. Needle covered biosimilar solid film, tightly fused with the nerve endings.
— Nothing can be done, we must get used to living with these pieces, girl — shrugged surgeon. Masha for himself made a discovery: Her psychic abilities are manifested only in his native Molebka, in areas now known as anomalous zone "M-sky triangle".


Kaleidoscope UFO number 10/2004. (Excerpt)

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