Czech Republic. Flying Bike

"Do not re-invent the wheel" — we often hear, but it looks like the Czechs have another look at the issue. Joint creation of three companies from the Czech Republic were presented to the audience this week. It is an electric bike that can fly.

At the moment the machine is under development, so plant it on a real person is not at risk. On the bike mounted dummy, and the pilot run it by remote control. The developers claim that this marvel of engineering machinery can pilot a real person in a not distant future.

One of the major disadvantages of a flying machine is that the battery just enough, just 5 minutes and requires a long recharging.

"As developers of the elements of autonomous power constantly trying to increase the capacity of the batteries, then every 10 years, they double their potential energy. I am sure that it is a new generation of batteries will soon be able for a long time, not only to ensure our invention of electricity, but all other forms of transport, "- commented Technical Director Milan Duchek.

The design of the device resembles a small motorcycle, equipped with six screws, which make a normal bike almost aerial vehicle. Responsible for coordinating the flight software developed by French specialists.

The developers claim that their "child" can raise a person into the air no more than 72 pounds, but this characteristic is sure to increase in the near future.

It seems that very soon people will get to work passing the tube through the air. The main thing — do not oversleep. And this is quite interesting service can help


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