Czech Republic. Tomb of the date of death 12/12/2012.

A lot of strange things going on in the cemeteries of the world, but this place is in Yihlava, Czech Republic, in particular stood out. It discovered the tomb, which dates from the tombstone date: 12/12/2012 …

Remember, today 18/11/2012.

Initially, a local historian could not believe my eyes — because the date indicated on the monument at the central cemetery of the town of Jihlava, has not even begun. Believing that if this was a joke, it's too scary, man decided to call the police.

A spokesman for the local police confirmed on Thursday, November 15, 2012, that this fact is indeed the case. Moreover, the police began to search for the "inhabitants" of the grave of a Jozef K., whose name is also engraved on the stone.

The police officer said that law enforcement agencies have so far lacked sufficient information to draw conclusions, whether it is a grim joke, or is the whole story has a deeper meaning.

The administration of the cemetery also expressed surprise, because even with buying a place in the cemetery neither the name nor the dates of birth and death are not listed on the monument.

All this has given an impetus to the Czech Republic for a splash of mystical moods and gloomy prophecies associated with the predictions of doomsday. The public demands from the police information and you can expect soon more specific data on the identity of the person whose name appears on the tombstone.



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