Date Added metal enclosures for switchboards TM KEAZ

Kursk Electric Apparatus Factory announces expanding range of new metal housings for electric boards.

KEAZ announces the expansion of product range with new products — metal enclosures for switchboards SCHRN (B), SCHURN (B), SCHRUEN, SCHU, SCHMP, SHCHE, ASU, Scho.

A new series of enclosures for switchboards designed for installation of low voltage equipment, which is used to input power, its accounting and distribution, as well as to protect networks from 220/380V voltage overload and short circuit protection.

Enclosures for switchboards manufactured in the Kursk Electrical Equipment Plant, have a number of advantages:

• Ease of installation.

• Wide range of sizes in the series.

• High quality powder coating.

• New product design prevents access to all conductive elements.

• Meets all the requirements of the SAE.

Home sales of metal enclosures for switchboards brand KEAZ July 1.

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