Death of fish in the river Vyatka


5.11.11.Soderzhimoe animal burial and a warehouse with pesticides at the village Savali appeared in the Vyatka River.

On the death of fish, loss of livestock, chemical burns and poisonings reported regional Duma deputies Malmyzh villagers that dozens of kilometers from the district center

However, the guide Malmyzh area and most of the members prefer to turn a blind eye to the environmental disaster. A local initiative group of fears for their lives and health, because of complaints that sometimes reach the regional government and regulatory agencies, with them regularly promise to "understand" and "horns pootshibat."

There are victims

For the first time about "environmental issues" Malmyzh openly talked last fall, when the district leadership, decided to build a pontoon bridge across the Vyatka, used for gravel dam with cattle cemetery, adjacent to the remains of the burned in 1987 warehouse with toxic chemicals, among them gramazan — substance in two boleeyadovitoe times than mercury.

This land savalinskie residents still call Malmyzh Chernobyl as burning warehouses could not put out more than a week. Stored there poisonous substances in contact with water began to blaze even more fun. Then the buildings that were long over hundreds of meters, roll tractors pilfer content from the site of several hectares.

The fire stopped, and population of the area, and residents of the neighboring countries, which reached the poisonous smoke from which the head was aching and sore throat, breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe that's because everyone forgot about that technique was destroyed and animal burial, and the remains of those who were buried in it, is still lying in a nearby grove.

— Just to the left of warehouses, out on the hill — shows local man — were huge steel vats. Their impressive dimensions: length ten yards and five wide. The wall thickness was seven centimeters. In vats was some green liquid. She was treated wooden poles power lines, standing at the warehouse. That without the impregnation very quickly turned to dust.

After the fire-filled containers long stood derelict, pokakto something, pouring the contents on the ground, they are not "prihvatiziroval." Uchastokzemli still refluent emerald villagers silamiogorodili their poles. While no one knows what was in the green of the vats, but cows grazed there sdyhali night. Their insides just dissolved.

At the beginning of the century began to bring their death trap debris and dump it prevratilosv that burns for several years. Neither rain, nor snow can not knock down the flames, sometimes flares up frightening razmerov.Togda environmentalists put out her own. Malmyzhskiepozharnye "on chernobylschinu" do not drive defensively by not mogutostavit district center, where polyhnet and suddenly, without a car.

This summer, under pressure from the villagers to the dump, to dismantle it, sent local misfits. For a bottle of drinking yokels razgrebalimusornye blockages, while with hands did not climb round leather. To meat. So the 40-year-old Vladimir Gladkov all problems: headaches began, "so that you can not stand," and peeling, "as lichens' hands — treats alcohol. Interestingly, when the "marginals" sent to the dump, no one said a word, that they may suffer. And lishposle onset, workers were given respirators.

Banned, but take

Last fall, when the Vyatka in Zavala grew long crushed stone language, on the river began fish kills.

— Crushed by chernobylschine very poor quality, but right on the surface — cheap and cheerful: come and load the car. It is noted that, if this gravel road sprinkle, then rain after a long time it does not dry, and then there is sticky and slippery mud pinkish hue. The people of this place has always avoided: there is a terrible stench, and longer pobudesh since then a week cough izoydesh.A they all in the water. In the flood of half of the "language" swept away, so they again poured — divided local residents who, unable to find understanding among officials and deputies, sent a letter to the governor.
The Governor replied, "check out the area." Our guests took samples of soil, but did not risk their own hands, and asked savalinskogo environmentalist "scoop a teaspoon."

— That there really found is not known, but officials told us that though the earth clean. True, specifies that, or "RPN", or "CPS", gravel from the spot to take banned. But this fall, and again began to row in Vyatka skidyvat.Prichem try secretly to seen. And you ask, what are you doing? — Are called crazy and jeer. But there is a shooting, pictures, where are the number of the tractor, and we then to be responsible for this mess can not get away, have themselves taken soil samples. True to analyze can not yet — very expensive — savaltsy complain.
Incidentally, most of them concerned a significant increase onkologicheskihzabolevany: now in the village of cancer in every second or third house. And newborn health — every baby in serious trouble.


Mixture containing two-percent ethyl merkurhlorida. It is used as a fungicide and bactericide for pre-treatment of seeds of cereals, legumes and other crops. It has a skin-resorptive effect, bioaccumulates in the body, a pair of two-times more toxic than mercury. Priotravlenii reduced red blood cells in the blood, there is protein and fatty liver. When applied to the skin appear Granosan ulcers and inflammatory infiltrate. In foods are not allowed.


Source: Vyatka Observer

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