Death of Madame deigned to joke




Anna Tkachevs

In a life so full of amazing coincidences that religious miracles in their background fade. Myrrh-Streaming Icon of materialistic science to explain at least trying, but before coincidence, she is usually silent in disbelief.

The most terrible of the world famous coincidences occurred in the seventeenth century in Japan. By adulthood parents gave her daughter a luxurious kimono. For 4 days before the first time to put on his birthday, the girl died from a sudden illness. The kimono was inherited her second daughter. She, too, had to wait 4 days before it clothed when her killed by lightning. Never had time to put on a kimono and sinister youngest daughter: her bitten by a rabid fox, and she died. As you can guess, exactly 4 days prior to maturity.

Parents suspected that something was wrong with the kimono, and appealed to the Buddhist priest. He stated: kimono on a curse, it must be burned. Parents listened, but suddenly a strong wind fanned the rising flames, throwing sparks all over the county. Thus in 1657 began the most terrible fire in Tokyo, which destroyed 300 temples, palaces 500, 61 mm, 9,000 shops and claimed the lives of over 100,000 people.

History is replete with legends of the trouble brought on jewelry, mirrors, daggers, but in none of them did not accept misfortune as catastrophic. It is not necessary, however, to think that things killer or if to reject mysticism, tragic coincidence, associated with a certain object — always' ancient legends. " They have enough in our own day.

Take, for example, a chic "Porsche", the wheel which crashed in 1955, the Hollywood star James Dean. When the crash the car was taken to the garage, she fell to the mechanics, breaking his leg. The engine and propeller shaft from it were sold to two race drivers, fans that have put them on their cars — and both died on the same race. Body "Porsche" came to the exhibition dedicated to the memory of Dean, where the opening day of the fire started — that's three more corpses. When the body repeatedly exposed to the exposure of personal belongings of Hollywood stars, he fell off the bench, broke the neck of the visitor.

Fateful coincidences can be marked not only things, but also the place. So, while walking with his mother Englishwoman Lisa Potter decided to overcome the panic that she felt before the junction of railways, which 11 years ago was killed by her husband. Scheduled train there was not expected and the girl got up on the rails. But he, being late for half an hour, finally appeared, and a lesson in re-ended superstitious mother for her daughter's death.

Even more startling and terrible death of the American family chronicle Basinger. In 1957, she was the head of Richard Basinger was knocked to death by one of the bridges of California. After 2 years on the same bridge was killed by his son Hiram, who is fallen log with a passing timber truck. After another 6 years in the same place with his life 14-year-old grandson of Richard, in search of a thrill to climb the bridge structure and tear down. The last of the men in the family — the younger brother Richard died five years after his death from a heart attack. But his heart was stopped at the time when he was at the wheel, driving all at the same damn bridge. It is noteworthy that throughout this period the other deaths in the family was not. It had survived even Richard's mother, who at the time of the death of his youngest son turned 91, and patients with chronic renal failure daughter.

Beznos old woman with a scythe at times as if playing with incredible coincidences, showing uncommon sense of humor — of course, black. In 1998, a resident of Prague Vera Chermakova after learning of her husband's infidelity, has decided to take revenge on him, committed suicide. She jumped from the third floor of their home high and fell tochnehonko to the former spouse. The one with things left her a week ago, but has chosen this day and moment to go to a former neighbor of debt. Suicide remained unharmed, and her husband, whom she knocked, hitting temple of cobblestone, died on the spot.

Sometimes death can joke and complacent. In 1946, after spending five years without a vacation, Mildred West, an employee of the newspaper, which is published in one of the suburbs of New York, whose job was writing obituaries, finally decided 2 weeks rest. During her stay is not dead nor a resident of the county — the first time in the history of the newspaper published 20 years. The situation repeated itself when Mildred took a year next vacation (but only for a week) — again arranged her death in her district holidays.

— Priests and magicians believe that there are no coincidences. Provided that any such coincidence — or the finger of God, or the fruit of evil sorcery. Do you agree? — We asked the white magician and psychic Roman Cedar.

— Do not blow into the thoughts, I say that to blame everything you described the situation in one heap, I would not. Clearly, in a kimono lay a powerful curse. This is evidenced by his story, and the conclusion of a Buddhist priest. Ministers of religion rarely misdiagnose. The trouble is that they do not know how to treat cancer like astral, providing all the will of God, as earlier provided her plague and smallpox. It seems that it was unclean and "Porsche", and the bridge "name" Basinger. But the death of an Englishwoman, where 11 years ago her father died, most likely was what is called worldly accident.

— What can you say about the holiday that death took with sostavitelnitsey obituaries?

— The most mysterious of all the stories. Does not fit into the logic of magic, or the theory of probability. Poshiba fine journalist, dominating the very Madame Death? No, this can not be a coincidence. Or your colleagues are invented, or magical talent of this woman was not as great as in other areas of Leonardo and Einstein. And at last admission she was such a simpleton that managed not to suspect a magical genius. Among magicians have a view that is as pure soul were holy simpletons who genuinely did not occur to you that if they had the desire, they have subjected themselves to half the world.


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