December froze the entire Northern Hemisphere

Anomalies of the average temperature in December 2012 © NCDC | NOAA

January 23, 2013. According to the American meteorological monitoring, the combined average global temperature Earth surface December was +12,61 ° C, which is 0,41 ° C higher than the average for the XX century. With this measure December 2012 ranks only 18th place in the climate history.

Separately, the global average for sushi temperature to 0,21 ° C higher than the average for the XX century and was almost in the middle of a number of ranked, ranking only 49th place in history.

An interesting feature was the large variation of temperature between the hemispheres example, in large parts of the northern hemisphere, especially in Eurasia and Alaska, the average temperature significantly lagged behind the norm. Temperature land in the Northern Hemisphere in December was only 70th in the climatic rating. According to this index December the coldest since 1984. At the same time, the land of the southern hemisphere, which occupies a much smaller area than in the North, the month turned out to be very warm. As a result, the average global land temperature December 2012 was the coldest since 1986.

For the average global ocean temperature was 0,47 ° C higher than the average for the 20th century (15,7 ° C), which makes December 6th warmest on this indicator.

Another important characteristic of the climate is the snow cover, an area in the Northern Hemisphere in December was the largest on record, surpassing the long-term average of 3.0 million square kilometers and 0.2 million square kilometers breaking the previous record, marked by a 1985.

In North America, snow cover was the 13th in the ranked list, in Eurasia? the second largest. Experts note that the winter snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has increased by about 0.1% per decade, the spring? decreased at a rate of about 2.2% per decade.

Map of snow and ice for 22 January 2013 © NCEP | NOAA

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