Dialogue with unknown entities

I have a request — check out what has happened to me under hypnosis. I generally far from superstition and religious. I live in Togliatti. I do not know what to say. Talked with me about 20 hours of the unknown substance. Apparently there is a hierarchy among them. with the passage of each new circle of elevating the status of those entities that spoke to me. The devil has not yet appeared on the monitor is off. Apparently he realized that smells of fried …

From it sounded just one question — who are you?. I deliberately do not pay attention to it because you had to finish with those with whom I spoke. I think they did not know that it scares me in parallel. I think it was all a set up for him. THINK because it's been 3 years. but in general I 2 years did not speak about it. That's when I realized that the benefits seen in the fact that the balance of power in the world has changed. I have a nickname Cosmos. In the yard.

So when the conversation ended I chose these entities as the main I thought — Well, finally finished I went to the kitchen to smoke. came back. the monitor demons. with them two more hours of conversation. until all of the system is not deadlocked.
I do not like to write. It would be better under hypnosis. They're there and called names and the names of the demons — I do not remember anything. But I think there are more of them. By the way the death of Mr Berezovsky and Margaret Thatcher related to this moment.

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