Diameter of coma of comet Elenin exceeded 200,000 km. Photo


4.08.11.Neskolko hours ago, thanks to one of the team members STEREO, Battamsu Carl (Karl Battams), I got the first pictures in the original format, FITS, received on August 1.

Multiple frames are damaged, but the team believes that will solve this problem in the next session. Adding all the frames on the motion of the comet itself, was able to increase the ratio Singhal / noise. See the comet a "detail."

So, the first data. The comet has grown. Now the diameter of its outer coma exceeded 200,000 km! Of course at the moment we have only images with very low resolution, but they still allow us to estimate its current size. Let me remind you that the outer coma, it's very discharged gas envelope, not the nucleus itself, estimates of the size of which has not changed. In the picture on the left you can see the comet itself, as well as the angular size of the Sun, if it was located at the same distance as the comet. Are you impressed?

Author: Leonid Elenin

Source: SpaceObs.org

The first pictures of the comet Elenin from STEREO-In

3.08.11.Neskolko hours ago, there were the first images of the comet obtained on August 1 with the camera HI2-B, the spacecraft STEREO-B.

Animation is created from the so-called beacon frames to evaluate the pointing accuracy and the selected camera settings. Full frames are pumped to Earth on August 4. Just at that time, the comet will appear on the camera snimkaz HI-1B, which has a higher resolution. The study of comets on the unique images obtained by the STEREO spacecraft has just begun!

Author: Leonid Elenin

Source: SpaceObs.org  


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From the time factor:

With such dimensions, if true as they say that the trajectory of the comet passes between the earth and the sun, a few days of darkness, we just provided. Topic is highly relevant, but according to this set button on the right side panel to go to the site of Leonid Elenin.

Information for consideration

The estimated trajectory of Comet Elenin

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