Disclosed the identity of the first vampire on Earth

The emergence of the first vampire in the Bible. When God created the world, he created Adam and Eve. Eve gave birth to twins, who called Cain and Abel. They lived in harmony, Cain was engaged in farming, animal husbandry and Abel.

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Once they decided to bring sacrifices to God. Cain sacrificed the best fruits that have been grown them. And Abel sacrificed the best animals that were in his herd. God liked Abel's gift more. When Cain found out about it, he was blinded by jealousy and killed his brother.

God wanted to see Abel and asked Cain where his brother. To which he replied, "I do not know, am I my brother's keeper." God knew that Cain committed a terrible crime, angry at him and cursed. Now he had to wander the earth at night without seeing sunlight, and tormented by thirst for blood.
So while wandering the earth, Cain met Lilith, who lived near the shores of the Red Sea. Lilith was the first woman who was created for Adam and meant it. It has become a demoness and met Cain, shared all their knowledge with them.

Cain and Lilith are the parents of many demons. But Cain refused to rise to the vampires, he does not love to have roamed the earth the same God damned creatures like himself. However, he lived for a long time and agony of loneliness overcame him. Yielding to the request, he turned into vampires three deaths. They were his son Enoch, Zillah and Irada. The three also turned into a vampire 13 death. All of them roamed the earth and fed on human blood and death paid into vampires. Treatment was due to a bite in the neck.

Learning of this, Cain was very angry. He ordered to gather all his descendants, and ordered to live in peace with people banning conversion. Drawing on his principles, he built a city where humans and vampires live in harmony.

But the calm did not last long time. Children of Cain did not understand his views and ganged up on him, because he did not allow them to harm people. The city was destroyed. One of the reasons for the destruction of the city called the unexpected flood that washed away the city to the ground. After Cain is gone and no one has since seen.

Children of Cain, freed from the creator, have formed clans, where they became the patriarchs. These clans were formed all over the world.

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