Disposal of ammunition in the U.S.


ASTANA, January 19 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. The world's largest repository of chemical weapons destroyed in the U.S. state of Utah, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the newspaper Salt Lake Tribune.

"We can honestly say that the destruction of chemicals at their recycling facility in Tooele, making this world a safer place," — the newspaper quoted the commander of the object, Colonel Mark Pomroya.

Reporters video broadcast showed how the last 23 in Tooele shell of which was recovered ipritovaya "stuffing", placed in the furnace. As the latest 2000 267 kilogram blister agents were sent to a disposal of liquid waste, but, as the newspaper notes, the process takes several days, and ammunition will be completely destroyed by Friday or Saturday.

In stock in Tooele kept 44% of the U.S. stockpiles of chemical weapons since World War II. But the United States does not have time to keep up to 29 April this year — the deadline set by 188 countries of the world for the destruction of chemical weapons — as the work on the other two recycling facilities in Kentucky and Colorado has not yet begun, said Salt Lake Tribune.

For decades, the U.S. Army chemical munitions stockpiled in the open. The 70-years of the last century, this practice was discontinued because of the threat to the environment. After that, a dozen years had gone out to find a safe way to destroy them.

Another local newspaper Deseret News writes that the work for the destruction of chemical weapons in Utah warehouse lasted 16 years and cost $ 3 billion.

All were destroyed seven of nine such stores in the U.S.. With only 10% of the officially declared in the 80s stocks total weight 31.5 thousand tons in Colorado and Kentucky. As of Wednesday, the U.S. destroyed 27 000 468 tons of chemicals.

Source: IA News-Kazakhstan

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