DIVISION COMPLEX «carapace C» tipped NIGHT «airstrike»


Division «Carapace-S» tipped the night «airstrike» on the ground in the Astrakhan region. Shooting took place in the transfer complexes from developers in defense troops BBO

Live firing anti-aircraft missile and gun complex «Carapace-S» have been on the ground in the Astrakhan region. Demonstrative tactical exercise held in the transfer of air defense systems developers in defense forces.

«Carapace» four times stronger than the complex «Tunguska». It can cover a column in motion: we shoot in motion, control the fire, shared goals. In the mountains on a streamer such an indispensable machine «- said the deputy director of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau Yuri Savenkov.

Funny day, even without ammunition and combat missiles, Division did march on range and held a virtual battle with training «hostile» aviation. Position gunners immediately stormed eight aircraft. Crews were able at this time to find an opponent, grab a goal and make a conditional missile launch before the aircraft could retaliate.

«The complex has missiles, and cannons. To kill the target at a distance of 4 km, used guns, more distant borders — missiles, «- said the commander of the combat vehicle Prorokin Alexander.

Evening command assigned puzzle repeat the scenario, but with 2 new criteria. First — the battle will take place in full gloom, crews will focus only on the testimony of devices. 2nd — «Carapace» shells and ammunition will full contact combat.

Airstrike on antiaircraft positions now made aircraft drones, fuzzy from the same site. Missiles to cope with the task of shooting down the learning objectives at a distance of 20 km. Then the division received an order to suspend an armored column. Focusing on evidence imager capable of working in the dark to pinpoint a few kilometers engine of rapid-fire guns arrows hit the target assigned.

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