Do I need a water meter?

The question of energy savings at the moment shakes the whole country, the authorities have decided to save Mother Nature, but at the same time to pay a visit to the pockets of their own people. Yes! Yes! Need to conserve, preserve nature — all this is! Of course, and only pay for the actual amount of consumed goods — also reasonable. Well, we are enterprising people sometimes just the same to the outrages. For example, all registered in the apartment with a water meter, and live and play into the apartment without a personal accounting device, where the calculation of water consumption is the number of registered people (and registered, then and there!). In order to combat these violations of federal law designed November 23, 2009 № 261-FZ, which among other activities obliges all owners of houses and premises in apartment buildings until January 1, 2012 establish metering devices. How will punish those who do not set — not very clear, just quickly raise "fees", so to live "over the counter" would be profitable.

Unpleasant, in general, the other — have decided to save "there", and require you to pay a "here". With all of this has a tendency to mislead consumers of information to ban self-installation. That's not true! Establish You can even do what is called "hands", but did not want to learn to control the campaign specifications applicable to the counter. Of course, if you are putting water meter, then in step of its design can be difficult, even if it is installed correctly. It is, as they say, is dependent on the local "authorities" and its quirks. The counter is mounted on a straight section of pipe, the length of which should be more than 20-30 cm — site installation of water meters in Novosibirsk.

After counter installed, it must be appropriately adjusted, to legalize. Count two — for hot and cold water, if with all this too Kvitochka two — means for each counter correspond to different departments!

Accordingly, after counter Water is installed, it must be legally register through that office, which sends you to the respective ticket: over the counter hot water — go to run a campaign, and about the cool water — call in Water ".

Design procedures are identical for the scheme here and there: called special, which inspect and seal the counter, then you sign a contract for the supply of water and the calculation of the couple on the personal device.

Over the next month you will pay only for the actual water consumption. Ur friends!

There is another nasty effect of using accounting devices — it is their technical service and calibration. Depending on the model every 4-6 years counter necessary inspected frequently — to change.

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