Do I need the RF-carrier-based aircraft carriers and battle groups

Do we need aircraft carriers of, its fleet? The fundamental question for the development of our fleet and its future. On this occasion, there are different views among experts at believe that the aircraft carrier — it is the base of the fleet, the Navy without aircraft carriers, aircraft carriers can not be called vsepolnotsennym, it's flawed.

Others believe carriers "expensive toy", which needed only to show the flag, very fragile toy, which can be turned into a pile of scrap metal in several anti-ship missiles comparable cheap missile boats, coastal missile systems, air-launched anti-ship missiles.

The main "For" and "Against"


— Aircraft carrier in the group, aircraft carrier-strike group (CSG), allows rapid concentrate considerable power punching in at least some of the oceans, which is very useful to the military and strategic point of view.

Aircraft carrier — A sign of the naval, military and political power of the country, says an industrial, technological development power. Not even fighting, the aircraft carrier can provide tremendous geopolitical influence in the world. That's why India and China are rapidly making their way AUG, they emphasize that joining the "club" of the majestic powers.

— They allow zavevat air superiority in the area of local, regional conflict, to support amphibious operation or support the ground forces to strike the enemy infrastructure.

— In the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea AUG are not necessary due to the limited area there is pretty ordinary naval forces: cruisers, frigates, corvettes, missile boats, amphibious, anti-submarine ships, aircraft and land-based, etc.. But here in the Pacific Fleet to not less than three AUG: near Vladivostok, in the Kuril Islands, and better return base in Vietnam — placed there vsepolnotsennuyu AUG with ground support. It seems that the Vietnamese will not mind (such bargaining chip for protection from China!), At the current time, Vietnam finds support in India, even the United States. But for this it is necessary "to change the brains" of the military and political elite, and realize that without globalization in Russian Russia can not survive, they will crush other projects, or we them or they us.

— To protect themselves from the "humanitarian" "peacekeeping" operations, our homeland must have had a costly, complex systems such as aircraft-carrier-strike groups, military and space systems, and so on. AUG — a guarantee of peace, weapons designed for war, ensures that our people are not dealt with as Afghans, Serbs, Arabs, even antique stated: "If you want peace — prepare for war."

— AUG necessary in connection with a possible conflict over the Kuril Islands to Japan to contain China, in the long term is likely a conflict of riches of the Arctic and Antarctica, where the aircraft carrier strike force, will be very useful.


— Although some very large ship canceling target for aircraft carriers need a whole group security squadron, which produces air defense, missile defense, anti-submarine defense, reconnaissance and target designation is needed, the interaction with gallakticheskoy group.

— CSG is necessary for virtually create the newest coastal infrastructure, it is a whole big government program, and in the Russian Federation there are funds only on expensive cars, yachts, private jets, an orgy of millions of euros, and the money for such programs from very hard to find. Although it is clear that this would be the latest example program has breathed life into bureaus, research institutes, would have given new jobs, support our technological capabilities, have brought new technical and military personnel, to assist companies that have received orders.

— Own aircraft carriers very precious delight, not only their construction, and maintenance, plus the construction of ships under their escort. It is better to put money on the construction of submarines, nuclear submarines, frigates, corvettes, modernize languid cruisers, put into service DBK.

— Carriers are required to intrusions, and we are a friendly power, to wage war with anyone not going to because they do not need us.

— Carriers, AUG — a tool for the control of the United States of the World Ocean, trade routes, the intimidation of the "third world" and its own allies, we have to be the "master of the planet", "world policeman" does not pretend.

— Russian Navy is in so bad a state that even the coastal seas will not be able to defend, build aircraft carriers late and have no time, they could build the Soviet Union. We now need to solve the task, at least: coastal missile systems, Air Force, they posodeystvuyut protect the coast.

— Our homeland is not an empire, and she never would be, its value as a majestic powers in the past, and therefore the Naval Fleet need to have a moderate cost.

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