Do not allow yourself to fall asleep at the wheel

The most "popular" drugs in the autumn and winter — are drugs against symptoms of ARI. Most people do not pay attention to what medicine They are selected because it is assumed that they have approximately the same efficiency. Few pay attention that differ in their drug side effects. For example, some of them cause fatigue and drowsiness, which may be dangerous under certain circumstances.

Almost everyone suffers from seasonal colds and flu. Although doctors recommend when ill to remain in bed, someone is trying to treat yourself without sacrificing performance. Many drugs are available to take the form of soluble powders, facilitating multiple symptoms. Few, however, asks how medicine act, or side effects which it may cause. Pharmacists are also usually do not report such information to the buyer, if this is not specifically ask. Unnecessary problems can be avoided if the pick preparation according to their individual needs and lifestyle.

So popular in the cold season multisimptomnye drugs in powder form for making hot drinks typically contain more of the active ingredients. Their composition may include antihistamines — which reduce nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose. In some preparations the component can provide a sufficiently strong sedative effect, causing weakness and even sleepy. Therefore, these drugs should not be taken if you need to drive a car, to keep their focus on the job or operate machinery.

"Koldreks Hawtrey" contains phenylephrine hydrochloride — the active ingredient that makes it easy with a runny nose and acute respiratory flu, but does not cause drowsiness, so it can be safe to take during the day. It is suitable for those who need to drive a car, operate machinery, or perform work that requires focus and concentration. "Koldreks" quickly relieves the symptoms of colds and flu, reduces temperature and relieves pain in the throat, headache, pain in muscles and joints, and in addition it reduces nasal congestion and improves overall immunity.

If you need a remedy for colds and flu, ask the pharmacist about side effects. Depending on the answers, you will be able to pick up medicine that will help you and will fit your needs and lifestyle.

There are contraindications. You should consult with a specialist.

"Hotline" for colds and flu 8-800-2000-111


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