Do not the authors of popular recipes, but there are victims




All children know that to follow the advice of Grigory Oster impossible. It is better to read the poem, giggle and do the opposite. The kids know how to separate the good advice from bad. Unlike adult …

We are surrounded by thousands of tips on how to brush your teeth shift stains, treat gout and even epilepsy. These "traditional recipes" are printed on the pages of hundreds of newspapers and magazines, on buses and trains sell ruble leaflets with tips on how to think at all occasions. The faith that we accept all of these recipes, simply amazing. "If someone has helped, means, and I'll do," — most people think. And this blind belief goes back to childhood. Remember the school dictations when he will write properly, will not hold, look at the neighbor and fix the incorrect? "I think he knows better," — thinks while a schoolboy. "People are also more visible" — we say, adult, applying the advice. Everything else in our lives more confidence: all that is printed — the ultimate truth. Sure, okay, if so. Yet critical thinking while reading the boards to connect sometimes necessary.

Most bribing a "people's councils" — that's what makes them easy to use for making "potions" require expensive components. This is not expensive pharmaceutical drugs. With this faith and the pursuit of low prices we can miscalculate the main thing — their own health. It's not popular recipes, but there are victims.

Sergey Sapon chemist by profession. He has several years of collecting tips that are published in periodicals. During this time, put together a collection of these gems, these tips apply to not just useless but also harmful. Scientific comment unscientific advice he gave in his book "How to protect yourself from the bad advice." We read it together with Sergei Nikolaevich.

— Look here, what kinda advice I read: "My recipe tooth powder. First separately in a coffee grinder grinds the chalk, table salt, baking soda, spruce or pine sap. Then take all of the components in the ratio of 1:1 … ". The author of this recipe obviously does not know that for the preparation of the tooth powder and pastes used not just chalk, chalk and precipitated calcium carbonate. This is done because the common chalk necessarily contain particulate matter. When brushing teeth enamel scratch hard particles, and that we already know advertising leads to tooth decay. No grinders can not grind chalk up safety. After vospolzueshsya this advice, you can immediately go to the dentist.

— What kind of disease "cured" by such "folk remedies"?

— You know, like in the song "We are no barriers or in the sea or on land," our people are treated almost everything. This advice I read in the Rostov newspaper: "I want to tell you how to treat chronic tonsillitis. It is necessary to gargle with a weak solution of copper sulfate … ". The fact is that in addition to general toxicity, copper sulfate causes a gag reflex, and if accidentally ingested, the discomfort is guaranteed. If the author of the Council after such potions and feel better, it does not mean that it helped him to vitriol. Perhaps the strength of his faith was so great that it made the poisonous drug solution.

— Are there any tips that you find funny?

— Yes, for example, the advice to protect themselves from computer radiation with cactus. In my opinion, he invented in order to increase sales of these colors. They write that it is de "absorbs, absorbs harmful radiation due to sharp needles." What the designers of these scammers computers, I want to say. Why ponadelali any filter housings grounded? After a long time it is determined that cacti need to escape, or at least a ficus. One psychic said … It is necessary to come up with this! Of course, the effect of protecting the cactus can be only psychological, carried out according to the principle, I believe because it is absurd.

There are absurd advice. "Neutralize the old snake bite melted butter. It is necessary to eat one or two tablespoons several times a day. " I want to cry from such recommendations, or rather mourn those simpletons who follow them. It is clear that the old oil to look at the time when the account is not the time for days, but in hours or minutes, just once, but the problem is that there is no need. It will not help!

And here's a "folk remedy" for nursing mothers: "… Dissolve 28 grams of potassium chloride in 600 grams of water and drink 3 times a day." As a professional chemist, I want to warn young mothers from such drugs. Also, what bertoletova salt — something flammable, it is also poisonous. Perhaps, young mothers are in need of advice, just for them publish as many tips. Here's another one. "Rhinestone. Pounded into a powder stone given to children with pulmonary tuberculosis. Powder mixed with honey, taken as a nursing mother laktogonnoe agent. Crushed emerald ingested by the bite of snakes. Emerald powder treated as leprosy, liver and stomach disease. " One problem: the hard grind rocks at home — a very difficult task. In the powder thus obtained are almost always contain microscopic particles having a sharp needle shape plates. These particles are easily injure the gastrointestinal tract, causing internal bleeding, get stuck in it and do not immediately appear. We should also bear in mind that the rock crystal, quartz, amethyst and some other minerals — is silica. They are virtually insoluble in all body fluids. And even non-acute particles can become centers of the seed, which will grow gallstones and kidney.

— So can you protect yourself from bad advice, not possessing special knowledge?

— I believe that it is not necessary to check not currently vague tips that allow for different interpretations. You need to remember that any recommendations that mention potent and poisonous substances, mercury, lead, arsenic, phosphorus, cyanide, should be seen critically. Be wary of advice to offer something to burn, fry, ignited. And do not trust the words "best", "fantastic" or the phrase "hide it doctors."

Sergey himself believes that bad advice is printed much less than useless. So do not panic. But all the same, and the dangerous "people's recipes" are always the victims. After all, we never for sure can not say why the man was ill. Or maybe it's a result of careless handling of "people's recipes."

Pauline Cherkasova


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