Do the modern idea of the Russian Federation State?

For 25 years after the defeat of the Russian Federation as a "cool" war of favorites (West) on our homeland was imposed Straseni size of contribution that we pay out up to now. This contribution is expressed in trillions of dollars, exported irrevocably over the limit for that time, millions of citizens who have left, most of whom were classy spices in various fields. West "sucked" out of the best technological development of the Russian Federation as a civilian and military nature. But all this would not be so terrible and disastrous for Russia (and our country is rich in natural resources and professional people), if it has not been imposed on destroying the system of state power — democracy (which is in fact only an appearance), and even more devastating for the country and people "Western values" and standards in the form of "public use" and "profit at any cost" and "freedom" — from at least some morals. But all of us have realized that slogans like "Take everything out of life!" and "Pleasure at any cost!" the state can not be thought, much less public thought such as the Russian people. Our homeland for all its thousand-year history, regardless of the form of government and municipal unit was sublime, soulful national idea that civilization solder the Russian Empire into a single monolith, looking to one of the highest goals. Russian Empire in the time of this thought sounded like "Orthodoxy.Samoderzhavie.Narodnost "during the Soviet era -" Forward, the victory of communism! "Current is the purpose of personal gain is not only unable to connect people, She, however, divides people, "atomizes" society and its constituent nationalities. No wonder the people said: "Friendship is friendship, snuff-apart!" About friendship in a society where "snuff" is an end in itself — and there can be no. In fact, our home for the moment does not have a true idea of the state, and like a ship without a rudder, is worn in different directions by the winds of market forces, and that there may come a time when this element will throw our ship on the disastrous reefs.

It is clear that for the association of civilization, for the placement of values in the external and internal policy of the Russian Federation urgent need as quickly as possible to develop a truly supreme, soulful national idea — the idea of reviving Russian greatness of the country, the Russian people.

After a comprehensive analysis comes the realization that the cornerstone of the future of the national idea should be Christianity, which was the case in 1000 years the pivot on which the power of. Even atheistic Russian state database of the national spirit were based on orthodox principles, not to mention the times of Holy Russia and the Russian Empire. What does give Orthodoxy as a base state idea? Christianity — it's not the beauty of the temples, holiday services and chants — all ceremonial side. The Spirit of Orthodoxy at all times gave Russian people unconditional love to their own homeland, the people and the neighbor, love of self-sacrifice on the battlefield and in civilian life. Let us remember nedavneshny feat Hero RF Major Solnechnikova — the standard of that of love, based on the love of God. The Spirit of Orthodoxy is the very mystery of the Russian soul, which can not possibly solve the West. And just this spirit of Orthodoxy — Russian spirit and erected on the basis of his national idea — thought The stately revival of the Russian Federation can lead our country and its People of the crisis.

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