Do we need guest workers Russian army?

At the moment, it is no secret that our homeland is in the so-called demographic pit. Because vernal call, passing in the current time, on the brink of failure. July 15, planned to put "under the gun" to more than 155 thousand young people in the country. According to the available disk imaging, more than 30% of the possible recruits recognized commissions worthless for military service, and 57% of recruits have already sent in troops, have restrictions on the service in connection with health.

Defense looks for a way out to fill the shortage of military enlisted personnel, which at the present time is about 37%. A radical solution to this prepyadstviya defense department sees in accelerating the implementation of orders of the president of the Russian Federation for the transition to the formation of the army on a contract basis.

Thought maybe good, but with the performance of unprincipled: young people do not aspire to join the ranks of the defenders of the Fatherland. Without eliminating prerequisites lack of motivation service in the Russian army, and not to solve the problem of shortage of Prof. military personnel.

For a long time defense department breach of its obligations in a timely manner and in full payment of monetary allowances to servicemen. Despite the measures taken to control the passage of public service conscripts and contract, army not having got rid of hazing.

Initiative resulted in failure of the former defense minister Sergei Ivanov to lure people into the army of foreign countries, offering them the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship. Specialists defense officials believed that the service in the Russian army will go first Russian who lived in the area of the former Soviet Union, Tajiks, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

In reality, however, serve in the army of about 300 contract-immigrants from the CIS, which is the highest result of the idea. In the main, their services are foreigners on the territory of their own countries in the Russian contingent. Since foreign nationals serving in the Russian army, swearing allegiance to the country, having a duty only to do to comply with the orders of the commander and the articles of the Constitution, then they can be equated to the mercenaries. By the way, most of these contractors come from Central Asia.

Even the most economically unbalanced states of the former USSR (Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus), young people are not in a hurry for Russian citizenship. After all, not counting the "deferred citizenship" Russian side did not offer concessions to foreigners. Have to live in the best case, in the dorm or in rented housing (means to be part of the wages set aside for payment). The trip home on leave is not paid. The family of the foreign legion in fact deprived of social security.

Another discrepancy. In no country of the world the citizens of this country do not serve in those units, where the service contract Legionnaires (except Israel, where they can serve the citizens with dual citizenship). According to the head of the Defense Ministry, the presence of foreigners in the ranks of the military units will claim the job to constantly share the hidden and unclassified.

A sad result of this idea was predictable for a different reason. Verbovanie foreigners in the army for the possibility of obtaining citizenship is not new, but this "bait" is not enough. Defense pretends not to know that the other armies of the world, there are a number of benefits for foreign legionnaires: tuition, housing provision, the availability of social benefits and family allowances, etc. — The lack of similar goods to Russian contractors from other states can be written in the luggage of miscalculations Russian Defense Ministry.

Experience verbovaniya Legionnaires be successfully implemented in France, Spain and the United States. They are, according to experts, are more combat-ready armies in parts of these states.

Defense Ministry also plans modeled after the French Legion build military units, it is composed of foreign fighters. What happens — we'll see. According to the views of political scientist Evseeva in the Russian Federation for this lack of resources.

Another initiative of the Ministry of Defence (for example, the South American "poor peasants set") to bring the ranks of the Russian contract for young people from the provinces, where the financial situation is so complex that it will force them to survive to serve in the army. To this end, the government raised the cost "servicemen people" up to 25 thousand rubles. The question is, are young, healthy men live in barracks or in rented apartments (unlikely sergeants and privates Defense Ministry will allocate service apartments). Zahochut whether expertly prepared with the formation of Russian citizens who choose to work with the Army in commercial societies (even if moved to another region of the country or in another government where the experts at the data necessary)?

The military judge, president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems General L. Ivashov believes that in the current time range of experts in the ranks of the army is doomed to failure. NCOs need not take off the street, and to educate and grow inside existing combat units. For at least some contractor is necessary that in his career real benefits were seen in the years ahead, and the Russian military department not ready to take on such responsibilities.

The huge swings that defense department will solve the problem of shortage of trained staff by clicking on the contract system of forming the army. Salaries, even increased, remain poor level. Housing contractors are not provided. Is not regulated by a contractor working day. While in parts of the contractors are in the position of soldier conscripts and their software leaves much to be desired. For example, in Belarus contractors receive currency composition significantly greater than in Russia, and provide office accommodation.

According to the views of analysts, replaced in order to bet on verbovanie the army of migrant workers, the need for such people to make their own terms of service, that they consciously and at will occupy positions in the Russian army and navy.

Geopolitical, financial, demographic situation asks the reform of the armed forces of the country. Really for the creation of a mobile, well-armed, combat-ready Russian army would take years. No one denies that you should start with the formation of fine obmyslennoy legislative framework allowing a full return to work such a complex mechanism such as army stately country. Need to do a lot of the arrangements for the establishment of a working structure of the armed forces, filling it with highly spices, modernize and computerize all parts of the MIC, to raise the level of military scientific research, is not a real mark of contract award, and most importantly, to bring in the younger generation love to his motherland and the desire to defend it.

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