50 years ago, an American neuroscientist John Lily announced that the Dolphins — one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. And as it turned out, he was right. Recently, researchers from China said that the dolphins — the descendants of aliens.

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According to the researchers, about one hundred thousand years ago, aliens unknown worlds visited our planet, seeking refuge from the space problems. Their descendants are the dolphins — a ranking of the most intelligent mammals, they occupy the second position after the man.

Of course, such a bold statement requires a huge amount of evidence. But the evidence to support the incredible abilities of dolphins can lead today. It is proved that these mammals on Earth long before man appeared, namely, forty-seven million years ago, and it's more than a stay of man on this planet for ten million years. Studies show that the structure of the dolphin brain is identical to the structure of the human body. But the ability of the dolphin brain is still unknown.

Particular attention should be paid to the way in which dolphins communicate. Scientists claim that these mammals have their own highly organized language.

The astronomer Simon Clark advanced the theory that dolphins are the ancient inhabitants of one of the moons of Jupiter. The basis of the complaint was that the station "Galileo", launched by NASA flew within 400 miles of Jupiter's moon Europa. Modern sensitive radio detectors station recorded the movement under a layer of frozen water of the ocean and sound sensors — a whistle.

The data were transmitted to Earth, the researchers analyzed the data. In the course of the study revealed that the frequency of the recorded sounds the same as the frequency of sounds emitted by dolphins. Thus, the researchers suggest that on a distant planet inhabited by relatives of our dolphins, which can serve as a stepping stone to prove the theories of Chinese scientists.

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