Dowry to hit a powerful cyclone. Video


11.10.11.Srazu in three districts of the Magadan region declared a storm warning. In Magadan airport closed. Still does not work to clear the runway of ice and snowfall, which does not stop even for a minute. To prevent accidents, traffic police officers blocked traffic on one of the trails.

Report Anna Ushakova.

The driver of the car was lucky — escaped with scratches. Lost control on a slippery road, flew into a ditch — in this weather inspectors fix dozens of similar accidents. Come to Kolyma powerful cyclone: now here rain, wind — up to 30 meters per second, on the roads — snow drifts, visibility — almost zero.

To reduce the number of potential accidents, traffic police opens hotline: problems on the roads immediately inform public utilities.

Ian Protodyakonov, senior inspector OGIBDD MOI of Russia for the Magadan region: "In case of congestion or sites that require clearing snow, information will be immediately transferred to the road and utilities."

Snow machines are already operating in the Magadan, in the area. Cope, though not everywhere: several sections of roads had to be closed. Of leaves outside settlements also asked to abstain — warn will not pass it.

Sergei Zheltov, Head EMERCOM Russia's Magadan region, "Road services have imposed restrictions for heavy vehicles with trailers and cars maloprohodimoy capacity."

Clearing now and airport strip "Magadan". It had to close because of the weather, it is expected that long: 16 pm local time.

This cyclone — the second in two weeks. Weather forecasters promise that the weather will improve in a day or two. But here's the beginning of the week waiting for the future is a new cyclone.
Source: Channel 5 — St. Petersburg

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