Dreams can warn about health problems

We rarely entrust dreams. And for good reason! Scientists have shown that during sleep the brain areas activated by those who are not working during our waking hours.

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During the activity, they send electrical impulses that are perceived at a subconscious level and affect the "picture" during the holidays. But now the emphasis is on prevention-related diseases, because during sleep your "talk" to the body come out to a whole new level. So, what our dreams mean. If you dream of:

— Raw meat, fights, blood, burns, teeth falling out — all this shows that take place in your body protective processes that fight bacteria and viruses. As soon manifest themselves symptoms of the disease. But be warned — is forearmed. Sometimes someone might get sick of your loved ones, because you are connected with them on a subconscious level, and you can feel their aura.

— Suffocation, heaviness in the chest, tight clothing — indicate heart disease.

— If you dream that you are buried alive, you find it hard to breathe or you're drowning — check the respiratory system.

— Dream of birth or wounded in the abdomen — you have wrong with the digestive system. Do not pay much attention to these dreams, if you know what you have overeaten at night, because overeating also causes nightmares.

— Spoiled, unappetizing food, eating inedible food in — all this represents a problem with the pancreas and the liver.
— You stand on your lap, you can not move, are in a small room, sit in an uncomfortable position — immediately contact a podiatrist, because these dreams point to problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system.

— Often have nightmares, recurring dreams — refer to a psychologist or psychiatrist (this category needs an individual approach). Of course, it may be corny fatigue or stress, but it is necessary to be safe.

According to studies, prophetic dreams dreams for a week prior to the development of events. This time is sufficient to check their health and prevent disease progression. So listen to your dreams.

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