Drought in China’s Hubei province 05/12/2011


17.05.11.Iz-by prolonged drought in Hubei Province / Central China / 1392 Reservoir became almost useless, because they have only "dead" volume of water. This became known corr. Xinhua News Agency in a provincial water management.

Prov. Hubei, known in the country as a "province of thousand lakes", is suffering from a severe drought since last November.

According to a representative of the executive management as of May 15 of this year the water level in four medium-sized reservoirs, and 1388 in the small province are lower than the "dead" volume allowed in the normal operation of the reservoir.

In particular, the water level in the reservoir Dantszyankou, which is the source of water channels in the state project for the transfer of water from the south to the north, was at a record low, even more than four feet below the "dead" remnant

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