Drought in one of the provinces of Ecuador


17.03.11.Otsutstvie rains in the province of Loja, in the south of Ecuador, forced the government to declare an emergency occurs there, resulting in serious damage to livestock and plantations. Monday province lives in a special mode.

Drought, which is registered in the month in the province Loja, minimal rainfall also affect the distribution of drinking water in the city. According to the governor Victor Samaniego, the most affected areas are recognized cantons Zapotillo, Macara, Pindal, Celica, Puyango and Sozoranga.

Declaration of an emergency will use the additional funds to address the acute shortage of water and fodder for more than 70% of the province. Particularly affected planting of corn, as well as cattle and pigs — the main production of the province.

According to reports from officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, prolonged drought practically destroyed or seriously damaged the crop on 15 hectares, in addition, from dehydration and starvation have killed at least 11 head of cattle and many times that number may grow in the coming days.

Preliminary losses estimated at USD 4 million, particularly difficult situation in the absence of rain developing in the canton Saraguro, which affected planting onions and corn, and Puyango, the main region of corn and coffee.

According to the Governor Samaniego, priority measures planned — construction of irrigation ditches, the supply of food for people and animals, additional funding through the Banco de Fomento for the purchase of pumps and hoses for the use of groundwater for irrigation of crops. In addition, to seek opportunities in the province of low-quality supply of bananas from the province of El Oro for fodder.

The average rainfall in the province of Loja in March — 140.3 mm, while as of March 15, 2011 there were only 32.2 mm.

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