Drought in the steppe regions of the Altai


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4.8.11. "Get out, in fact, nothing" — farmers and agricultural enterprises are buying hay in the neighboring areas, more affluent in climatic terms.

Away "junk" left over from last year, and are looking for ways to not cut herds. "We will fight to the end", — said Peter Pavlov, deputy head of the Tretyakov district.

— Drought us firmly stuck pipe, — says Sergey Shostak, Head of SEC "Siberia" Rubtsovskoe district. — Yield of hay is very low, but at the expense of areas sown to rough rule we perform cultures, but for grain and silage crops in doubt.

— I have two farms. One burned down completely. If no rains, full cancellation economy, and will be held — from 20 to 40% could be saved — reflects Sukhoterina Sergei, a farmer from Shipunovskogo district. — Now we solve the problem with the insurance company. We have insured the field by 140 million rubles. 10% of us have paid, with the remaining money is still unknown: insurers undertook head. The area is also a serious problem: 50% of the crop badly burnt.

— This year's Kurinskom almost no rain. We are now harvesting, until all were killed, as was the case in places with rye, take care not to destroy the population of our nurses, so all data collected will be used for fodder crops, — says the head of the district Kurinskogo Nicholas Bashkatov.

In smallholdings situation is also bleak. Given the low milk prices, many farmers to keep cows and bring in hay from far unprofitable. We phoned the inhabitants of the steppe zone and asked what they were going to do. "There is still time, but if we can not get the hay, the cows give up. Calves leave, which will feed the straw, where potatoes ". "We have two cows, one will have to sell, hoping to feed one" — told us.
Vladimir Kazanin,

Deputy Chief of the Main Department of Agriculture:

This year's draft were locally, so there is a problem not only in the South. The most favorable situation in the eastern foothills, tense — in Tabunskom, Burlin, Kulundinskoye, Klyuchevskaya Slavgorod, Volchihinskom, Mikhailovsky district. Everything is struggling. German area, for example, collects the hay in the floodplains in Kulunda buy advanced equipment, so you can collect at least two to three hundredweight more, some did summer crops after the July rains also provided funds and land. The task is to keep livestock, so support is also provided livestock farms.


Source: Altapress

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