Drought threatens grain harvest in Transnistria


Dubossary, June 01 (New Region, Irina Galtseva) — Farmers Dubasari Transnistria concerned dry weather, which can damage the future harvest tons of crops I group.

As the correspondent of "New Region", head of the agriculture area Vyacheslav Lubinsky, in May of this year fell to only 13 mm of rainfall, while in May 2010, this figure had reached 68 mm.

"On the impending drought still early, but rains are urgently needed. At present the education and formation of ears of barley and wheat, and in the absence of moisture grains formed inadequate and frail. If in the near future will not rain, and it may reduce the yield and quality of grain grown ", — said Vyacheslav Lubinsky.

He added that the situation is very tense in the fields of farms in the village Garmatskoe, where there was no rain from mid-April.

Head of the Department of Agriculture said that Dubasari crops I cover an area of 9354 hectares in size, and were deposited only on 700 hectares.

In 2011, in the region of Transnistria Dubossary agricultural enterprises processed 17,800 hectares of arable land, of which 8.8 thousand hectares are spring crops, about 7 hectares planted with wheat, 1795 acres of corn is about 5 hectares — sunflower.

Processing of land in the area are four large landholder — Tiraspol Bakery, "Agro-Soyuz", "Lender-agro" and "Geres-Agro", which areas of land were transferred to a long term lease.

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