Due to rain and heat ragweed blossom prematurely


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26.07.11.Kazhdy year end of summer is a real test for thousands of Kiev because of active flowering powerful allergen — ragweed.

Its pollen gets into the eyes and respiratory tract, causing watery eyes, fever, blurred vision, and can even trigger an asthma attack. Due to heavy rains and the heat of this year's ragweed blossom almost a month ahead of schedule.

And if before the weed grew mainly in the railway, in the seaside areas, vacant lots and construction sites, but now it can be easily seen in the city center.

One of these plantations Correspondent "KP" found on the building site in Pechersk, near the alley Shchorsa. For two weeks, local residents complain of allergies.

— I had a child to his parents in the village post to not spill tears and did not sneeze. A communal seems to mow the grass is not going to — told us a local resident Helen Gross.

In "Kievzelenstroe" assure that involved mowing the weed.

— If the master sees that a new hotbed of ambrosia, it immediately sends an employee to destroy the grass. Daily for mowing with about 100 people — told us the head of the department of landscape management "Kievzelenstroya" Dmitry Brovko.

Kievzelenstroevtsy say they are struggling with weed only in urban parks, squares and gardens (of 8000 hectares). For areas which are on balance ZhEKov or private firms, "Kievzelenstroy" not responding.

— We can give an order, but the destruction of the grass should be engaged in the balance holder, — says Dmitry Brovko.

In the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine in Kiev, we were informed that from May to July in the city identified more than 83 hectares of Ambrosia. According to the law must be declared before flowering quarantine, during which prohibited the export of land, and the plant should be destroyed. But, according to the chief specialist of the State Inspectorate Maxim testicles quarantine is declared for several years, and mowing of little help in the fight against the allergen.

— Until the end of August the plant grows again — said, "KP" Maxim testis.

In the inspection recall that a few years ago on the outskirts of the capital ragweed hounded herbicides — it burned away and is no longer growing. SES now forbidden to do it — use herbicides in the city impossible.


That will eliminate the scourge

* The street wear glasses. After returning from a walk, wash the nose with warm water, take a shower and wash your hair.

* Set in a flat air cleaner or wet sheets zaveste window (usually moisturize them).

* Do not dry clothes on the balcony (it settles pollen).

* Every day spend in the apartment wet cleaning.

* Excluded from the diet watermelons, squash and melons. They tend to cause cross-food allergies in people who are sensitive to ragweed.

Stay in touch!

If you saw in the bushes blooming ragweed, call the city administration on the phone — 15-51. Information transfer in "Kievzelenstroy," this has to do weed killing.


Allergy should be treated

According to the chief immunologist Kiev Oleg Nazarov, ragweed — not only allergen-growing in the city. No fewer problems delivering wormwood, clover, dandelion, couch grass, jasmine, birch, alder, maple, and other plants.

— If you are allergic to take antihistamines — in bloom for six weeks. Also, you need a course of immunotherapy in autumn and winter. Because of this in the human body produces antibodies that prevent the development of allergic reactions.


Source: KP.UA

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