Dust storm in Israel: High air pollution, shut down small airports


April 2, 2013. April 1 in Israel started strong dust storm that occurred as a result of the cyclone in the eastern Mediterranean, which carries sand from Egypt, wrote on Monday, Israeli media quoted the radio station "Kol Yisrael".

The Ministry of Environment reported that across the country marked by high levels of air pollution, due to which people suffering from heart disease to senior citizens, children, and pregnant women are advised to avoid physical exertion today.

It is noted that due to the weather conditions and poor visibility drivers should drive with their lights on, despite the fact that usually at this time of the day this is a security measure is not available.

Management of air ports ordered to close due to poor visibility airport Sde Dov in Tel Aviv, as well as airport Haifa. The airline "Arkia" reported that executes as normal flights from the international airport Ben-Gurion, and also provided buses to transport passengers from Sde Dov in Ben-Gurion.

Press reports that the afternoon is expected to strengthen the sandstorm — especially in the southern parts of the country, but in the evening there will come a relief — to penetrate Israel cold and wet air, forecasters promise.

In spite of such severe weather conditions, about 50,000 people have visited parks and reserves, and more than a hundred of them required medical attention due to respiratory problems due to air pollution.

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Source: NEWSru Israel

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