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In ancient Greek myths and legends say that the gods of Olympus used as food nectar.
Ambrosia with nectar to the gods gave immortality and eternal youth. In any case, the Greek gods lived about a century, while in vigorous physical condition. But what is ambrosia — nobody knows. Legend has it that birds brought ambrosia. It is possible that the birds bring ambrosia to their nests, and people take it from there.

Tradition reports that ragweed — solid mineral-like growths or, like stalactites inside the rocks. Nectar also mineral formations of stone juices, but in a viscous form. To use it diluted fruit sokom.Sovremennye scientific studies show that the stone under pressure at high pressure liquid begins to flow. Such pressures have stones inside the rock.

Properties distinguish liquid depend on the properties of the rocks, and sometimes by mixing them together. Just being in the mountain caves (tunnels), people could find and exploit these unique natural obrazovaniya.nastoyaschee time known and professed people of various kinds of edible mineral earth and stones.

The use of land for food is called pica (zemleedeniem), of which little is known of the European population. On our planet, millions of people are included in your diet various mineral food. Author of "The Pacific Diary" Boris Lapin, wrote that in 1928, at the suggestion of the Chukchi, he tasted the special nutritional ground. The taste of the land is oily. Diverges in the mouth, is as soft as jelly. Chukchi used for food special food from the land known only to them mest.Na Katun River, opposite the mouth of the river Akkem all the animals go eat dirt. Go here and people. In the old days this earth as a valuable mineral on the carts were taken to the steppe, where I was on the bread, and in the spring and eat it themselves.

The use of edible clay removed the abdominal pain, headache, gave strength. Now certain types of food the land is used in confectionary food promyshlennosti.Podobnaya land is used in foreign countries. For example, in Africa, where food geography of land is more common, there is even the mass production of food. In Ghana, two kilometers from its capital at the village Anfoeda, two thousand workers extracted solid baking clay, which is ground into powder, sieved and then mixed with water to the dough and baked cakes.

Residents of the U.S. Mississippi River Basin little food do not feel, but in their daily diet contains about 50 grams of "Sweet Land." In these places, "zemleedy" does not get cancer of the esophagus, a woman cured of infertility, male impotence, getting extra power when using local clay.

Peruvian and Bolivian peasants in the lean years have adapted plants have poisonous fruit, spiced with the antidote — a paste of white gliny.Uchenye confirm that kaolin, available in clay, helps in the treatment of stomach.

The ancient Greeks were treated stomach cramps and heart disease, including the diet edible land blessed by priests. Today, Catholic priests bless the clay plate with a cross, which are then eaten by Guatemalan pilgrims in the city of Esquipulas (Central America).

In ancient time it was noticed that many birds and herbivores visit special places and other alkaline soils, where they eat the earth. According to scientific data reliably "edible" are all minerals of quartz, calcite, zeolite, talc, amphibole, mica, chlorite, possibly feldspar — especially sodic *. Zeolites in animals realize their metabolic capabilities, making it the organism acquires the missing chemical elements and displays the body of unwanted ones.

There are also unsalted mineral rocks (with no set, until the active trace elements), which in large quantities are eaten by wild animals. Such lands are available in a number of places in the Far East (including the "Great Valley of Rocks").

Mystery geophagic activity attracts more and more attention of scientists. The use of edible agricultural land significantly increases the yield of crop, livestock and poultry breeding. Zeolites are good oxidants tap water cities. A number of these minerals has been successfully used for decontamination areas with radioactive contamination, for the treatment of people exposed to radiation and to remove from the human body to harmful and toxic substances.

Compelled to warn readers that due to severe environmental and bacterial conditions, it is impossible without a comprehensive analysis of the land is. Places selection of edible land should specify knowledgeable person. Otherwise, the possible poisoning. (Editor's note.)

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