Earth narrowly avoided disaster on the high-powered electromagnetic shock comes from the sun


Earth managed to avoid being hit by a strong solar flare, two weeks ago, writes washingtonexaminer.

"Electromagnetic Pulse" was so great that he might have been able to deny power to the whole territory of the United States, as well as to paralyze the work of vehicles and mobile. Two experts on EMP (electromagnetic pulses) told a secret that the EMP-blow fell on a typical Earth's orbit around the Sun in about two weeks prior to the moment when the planet was there. "electromagnetic world has avoided catastrophe," — said Henry Cooper, who led the negotiations on strategic arms with the Soviet Union under President Reagan, and who now heads a group of High Frontier, Insist on missile defense.

"Two weeks ago we missed the Carrington Event class — a coronal mass ejection, which crossed the orbit of the Earth," — said Peter Vincent Pry, who served in the Congressional Commission on the EMP threat in 2001-2008 gg. He was referring to the electromagnetic flare on the Sun in 1859, named after astronomer Richard Carrington. Then were knocked out telegraph lines in Europe and North America. "Basically, it's like Russian roulette," — said Pry. "We narrowly escaped disaster Carrington-class."

Primers, Cooper, and former CIA Director James Woolsey recently demanded that Washington ordered to prepare an electrical network of the country to electromagnetic shocks that may emanate from the sun as well as from nuclear weapons of the enemy. They suggested that at least the 2000-3000 transformers in the network are protected with high-tech metal boxes and spare parts were available that could help restore the power system. Woolsey said that if the knock out a total of 20 transformers that part of the nation remains without electricity "for a long time." But in Washington reacted to this cool demand, especially in the presidential administration.

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