Earthquake in Irkutsk. Video


November 10, 2011 at 00.23 (IGC) Baikal seismological station recorded earthquakes with intensity of — 5.7. The epicenter was in the waters of Lake Baikal. In Irkutsk, the earthquake was felt with an intensity of 3 points. Death and destruction, as at 7.00 (IGC) on November 10 in the Irkutsk region registered.

In early autumn EMERCOM Russia held a training event "Single Safety Week in the earthquake." Specialists department told students of educational institutions and staff of enterprises in the region to behave in case of aftershocks. To find the results of the action, on the morning after the earthquake Emergency Situations Ministry conducted a survey among students of Irkutsk.

Uploaded vkbuchinsky, date: 09.11.2011

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