Earths magnetic field may roll




A research team from the International University of Florida (Florida International University) under the direction of Brad Clement (Brad Clement) analyzed the changes in the magnetic field of the Earth that have occurred throughout its history.

It is known that the magnetic field varies with time, and sometimes the magnetic poles of the planet suddenly and quickly reversed.

These great events especially interested scientists, especially since in general — in the mechanism of the generation of the Earth magnetic field and in the laws of his behavior in science there are still many gaps.

For example, over the past 15 million years had four pole shift every one million years, or a "reverse" on average once every 250,000 years.

However, according to Clement, the last such coup was 790,000 years ago. We can assume that we are on the eve of the next grand change that somewhat delayed.

But this is not necessarily so. "Reversal" is not strictly periodic. We do not even know how they are natural and necessary.

However, there are some interesting signs of impending change.

Thus, the magnetic field of the planet has dropped substantially over the past two decades, and over the past 150 years, the reduction was 10%.

But it is the weakening of the field, according to scientists, is preceded by a change of the poles. The only consolation is that this change occurs rapidly only in geological terms — it takes thousands of years. In general, humans, and animals have time to adjust to the new direction of the magnetic field.


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