East China protest against environmental pollution. Video


 17.09.11.Krestyane took to the streets to protest against the pollution of the environment, local business. The authorities have sent police units. According to unconfirmed information, the police fired from a firearm and used tear gas. Many peasants were injured, was also beaten journalist.

The incident occurred on the evening of September 16 in the village of Yuanhua, Zhejiang Province.

Protest against pollution factory waste. Yuanhua village of Zhejiang Province. September 2011. Photo from epochtimes.com

"This plant is a strong polluter. We want to see in a few days it was closed, and, best of all, all moved to another place, "- said a local resident named Zhang told Radio Sound Of Hope.

This village is a large plant for the manufacture of solar cells. In the production process must be cleaned a lot of crystalline silicon, resulting in a more than 10 kinds of dangerous toxic substances.

In the production of 1,000 tonnes of crystalline silicon produced 3,500 tons of trichlorosilane, 4,500 tons of silicon tetrachloride and other hazardous chemicals that are not recycled, causing great harm to the environment.

Some manufacturing plant building located a few hundred meters from the local kindergarten. In close proximity to the plant has thousands of peasant households. Recently, several dozen farmers received a small allowance for poor families and spent it for medical examinations. In late August, they got the results and found that six of them are sick leukemia, and 31 people are affected by cancer.

At the same site, according to farmers, several workers died because of the bad conditions.

"Because of their waste all the fish in the local waters died, our vegetables nobody buys because they are toxic, because they grow near the plant", — complains Zhang.

Ilya Ivanov

Source: The Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty Television

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