Edgar Mueller — 3D picture is at your feet!

Street art or street art is by far one of the most interesting types of non-profit contemporary art. Perhaps the most prominent member of this trend is Edgar Mueller (Edgar Mueller). You ask why? I will not answer, because it is impossible to describe! This is a MUST SEE.

The main purpose of such work — it's to deceive a person's vision, drawing a picture in perspective, from a certain point of view which will create a three-dimensional image. Now these pictures, entertaining and often frightening passers-by or idle onlookers can be seen on the pavement of many large cities in the world.

One of the most outstanding masters Sreet art and 3D drawings on asphalt is Edgar Mueller (Edgar Mueller), German citizen, engaged in this kind of art for almost twenty years. His work can be seen not only in his native country and abroad, as a three-dimensional illusion created on the streets — it's not just a hobby, but the main income.

Muller introduces passersby with the masterpieces of world classics, drawing up straight on the pavement, or impromptu "natural disasters" in the quiet streets of respectable towns to attract them tourists from all over the world.



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