Education: whom we raise?

Education: whom we raise?In the South American political lexicon of the Islamic Republic of Iran pasted yarlychek rogue state — "rogue state", although it is more accurately translated as "state-villain." In this Power as many objectionable from the standpoint of white houses, but at least what adekvatnomyslyaschemu person knows that there is such services, to which the U.S. has never dorastut with all his own vaunted democracy. The apologists for the South American style of life can tell a seven miles to the heavens, and all the forest, but do your best flawed education system has long been talk of the town which has become, they can not. It's sad when it start to impose and to us. But education in Iran at the height of …

"In our country school education is free and available — wrote in his blog Reza Sajjadi. — In all the years of study at the institute (taken together) is introduced a small charge about 200-300 euros, which is not prepyadstviya for most Iranians. After the Islamic revolution in our country has increased literacy, especially perceptible results in the middle of the ladies. Now, according to statistics, the number of women in Iranian universities have long surpassed the number of young men. "

That came out a substantive conversation, let another quote a few paragraphs from the blog pochetaemogo Iranian Reza Sajjadi "System education in our country consists of several steps. A small child does not dorosshih up having to go to school, going to kindergarten — Mahd-e Kudako. For the five-year pre-school kids the opportunity provided prior training, but it is not of mandatory. At the age of 6 years all Iranian kids come to the junior school — dabestan an enrollment of 5 years. Schools in Iran separate for boys and beautiful girls, but at the Institute of young men and maidens have trained together. After end dabestana guys rent a single state and the final exam will receive a certificate of receipt of initial education. After This kids go to high school — rahnamai an enrollment of three years, after which also have to sit the exam council. School rahnamai designed for kids 10-13 years old. "

It's not about, so once again kick the West or America. Let yourself live for your health! Simple description of the education system in modern Iran to the smallest detail recalls the school system in the former Soviet Union. Unlike the South American education, where a student of, say, foreign languages or literature, fully able to avoid taking exams on a clear science, the Iranians still have to initially podnalech on items that do not have direct, indirect and of the case for his future profession.

"Often, owning outstanding humanitarian opportunities, young people" float "in the field of natural sciences and frankly do not like them. General, those for whom this is an insurmountable challenge, it is possible to go to a commercial university" — says Iranian blogger Sajjad. We do not undertake to comment on these expressions in the Russian Union of humanitarians were "untainted" humanitarians, and technicians were techies. But all the same in the school had to teach the subjects chosen from the very distant future profession. Frankly, even excellent graduates who studied Russian high schools sometimes have to resort to personal teachers to adequately prepare for university entrance.

Leaned, usually on the disciplines that were required for the entrance examination to college. Often it was a sinful practice disguised bribes — a teacher with his own side of the assured income after the training course specifically from him. Besides the fact that both sides had the highest incentive enough, the teacher-consultant had delivered the desired spaces of the school applets. In Russian the years even walked such a funny story: applicants invited to have forgotten all that they were taught in school, and students with diplomas have forgotten all the things they have been taught in universities. School was far from life. The institutes are often taught very stupid things. Thus, the history of the Communist Party was part of the ideology. But here nothing has changed since the days of medieval European institutions, where philosophy was the handmaiden of theology.

The new American system of education does not stress is put on the versatility that can be made two or three thousand students from, and objectivity. Why bring Leonardo da Vinci or the University, if they occur once in a century? This is unlike our great Russian historian Vasily said Klyuchevskii: "In Russia, there are no average talent ordinary masters, and there are millions of lonely genius and will not fit people. Geniuses do not do because they do not have apprentices, and with millions of nothing can be do, since they are not masters. 1st worthless because their too little; 2nd helpless, because a lot of them. "

In the West, have focused on the apprentices. Does not mean that there was not and will not be geniuses! Educate become artisans — not much yet to be titans of the Renaissance! — Not many-sided personality, and a huge cog in the mechanism. Previously, these were the proletarians, and now — office plankton. Modern education, again the same, without regard to certain talents — it's the same little old educational program. One should be able to read the order for his dismissal and affix signature. Nothing more is required of him, unless he is not a computer or some other kind of genius. In general, even if the "star" John Galliano will open intoxicated own mouth in the presence of the Jews, and then get rid of it instantly as from private bestalantnogo employee.

So what is to be fruitful and multiply myriad clerks unloved? Scarecrow for the world — "vigorous" bomb — already in our pocket. The brain drain, when in the United States shake bucks, guaranteed. If you have money, for which the same attention given to education? Tea is not the Age of Enlightenment. What did he, by the way, has led? It is true to the French Revolution. That Russian bureaucrats turned to sinful foreign experience. Introduced unhappy USE. And to achieve that with the student, who grew up on watching "House-2" and tupeyshey commercials, not including the answer to one of the four questions asked! "Do not brake — snihersni!" Nuts in the head of the former student later turned into a mighty oak of the future teacher.

Some may be, will deliver, they say, nothing terrible. At the turn of the last century in the public schools have canceled traditional languages — Latin and ancient Greek. Generation of space explorers that are not fed moldy crap. At first stop to read the classics, switching to the one-time hacks and pisyushek, and then all stop reading. But we can clone sheep and run Hadron Collider! And tomorrow is better to write this note bot using ready-made cliches. The flag in his hands!

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