Effect Dzhanibekova and December 21, 2012. Whats the connection?

Why not just try to tie doomsday, which seems to be expected December 21, 2012. The Mayan calendar, Nibiru (Nemesis), shifting of the poles of the Earth and the mass of things. One of the options "not very good" at the end for the planet can also be a phenomenon that was named after cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekova. Effect Dzhanibekova (Either Nut Dzhanibekova) Lies in the fact that our planet can change its rotation axis of rotation at any time, it may well happen 21.12.12.

"Effect Dzhanibekova was discovered in 1985. When transporting cargo to space things are packed in bags that are attached with metal straps, fixed with screws and "lambs" nuts with the "ears". Deconstructing the goods in microgravity, it is enough to knock your finger on the "lamb". He flies off, you catch it quietly and you put in your pocket. Unscrewing another "wing", Janibekov noticed as a nut, flying 40 centimeters, suddenly turned around its axis, and flew on. After flying for another 40 centimeters, again turned upside down. Janibekov twisted 'lamb' back and repeated the experiment. The result is the same. Then astronaut tried to repeat with the other "wing nut." Her flight to the "point of the coup" was 43 centimeters. Janibekov decided to try it with some other object. Launched plasticine ball just flying some distance, turned around its axis, and flew further … ".

I'd add. A lot of what is written on this subject in the network. It seems to be adequate physics explain this phenomenon for a long time and there is nothing special, but when you consider that our physics is very far from perfect, I personally doubt remain.
But the probability that the phenomenon will occur December 21 — Absolutely miserable.

Here's another clever idea. Not mine

To explain this effect put forward the most improbable hypothesis, although this phenomenon has long been known in physics. Coup nuts or other object can be explained by one of the properties of the gyroscope with three degrees of freedom. If your body as a result of the uneven distribution of mass, will operate the external force (gravity spaceship Earth, the Moon, or even the sun), it will be deflected in the direction perpendicular to this force. As a result, the impact of the object will begin to move at a constant angular velocity about the additional axis of rotation, which will be directed away from the source causing the deflection axis. This phenomenon is called the precession of a gyroscope. If at any time the action force will stop, then stop at the same time and precession. Rotation about the additional axis of rotation in space will occur in any, even minor, the gravitational effects of the objects on the body.

Fig. Number 1. The action of the force F on a rotating gyroscope rotor with three degrees of freedom. Under the influence of this force rotation axis AB (object) will move in the direction perpendicular to the direction of a force that is moving around the axis DE.

Draw your own conclusions on their own.


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