Egyptian beaches closed again


5.01.11.Gubernator province of South Sinai in Egypt, Mohammed Shosha again took an unexpected decision to close almost all of the Red Sea coast in the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh for swimming and snorkeling.

As RIA "Novosti" with reference to "Al-Ahram", about the governor's decision, which took effect from Wednesday, late on Tuesday was informed by the National Chamber of diving and marine activities.

Shosha not explain the specific reasons for the decision, merely pointing out that it is done for the safety of tourists and their protection against shark attacks.

South Sinai authorities banned deep-sea diving and swimming in the 26 areas of the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh. Still swimming and diving and snorkeling can be only in six areas: Naama Bay, Nabq, Sharm El-Maya, Ras Um Sid, Sharks Bay, Ras Gamil.

Thus on all permitted beaches and diving areas continue to apply strict rules for non-compliance which beaches will be closed immediately and the perpetrators — hotels and dive centers — to deny the license and pay huge penalties, not excluding criminal responsibility.

In particular, for bathing should be allocated to a special territory, surrounded by ropes and buoys, depth of water in these areas must not exceed two meters.

All beaches should always be rescuers in speedboats with all the necessary equipment, including health care workers.

In addition, on the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh necessarily placed watchtowers height of 5-6 meters, which during the daylight hours, and will be on duty to monitor the possible emergence of sharks.

Divers are still strictly forbidden to feed the fish.

Recall that in early December in the Sharm el-Sheikh was recorded five shark attacks on tourists, then the beaches were closed indefinitely. Earlier, similar incidents have occurred in Sharm el-Sheikh is extremely rare, the beaches in this area is considered to be safe.

Egyptian authorities with the assistance of foreign experts continue to investigate the cause of the aggressive behavior of sharks. In addition, the study and the possible means of additional protection from marine predators. In particular, the Italian company has offered the use of an electromagnetic shield to repel predatory fish from the coast of the resort.



Strangely it's like that, there's always a shark swam, but never a right to say his father's care was not observed, and then on to you to be vigilant.

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