Elaine Hilton. Cats saved my life

Elaine Hilton (Elaine Hilton) — 39 year-old resident of Doncaster (UK) argues that better than cats animals simply do not exist. And it's not just words. Once pets have saved her life and her unborn child.

While at home, in the 40th week of pregnancy, Elaine decided to take a bath, so turned on the boiler. After a while she became ill, it is often the women in her position, and she decided to lie down on the sofa to rest. As soon as she closed her eyes as her two cats started meowing frantically, trying to wake her mistress. As it turned out, due to a broken heater and ventilation is gas began to seep into the room, poisoning the future mother, says Daily Mail.

"My cats were crying like children. At first, I decided to feed them, thinking that they may be hungry, but soon realized that something was wrong. Tinker Bell and the cat went to the couch and fell to the floor. His eyes rolled back in pets and one of them went into convulsions, "- says Elaine.

Experiencing for pets Briton was about to call the veterinarian, but her husband felt, going down from the second floor smelled gas, brought his wife out of the house and called the emergency services.

Pregnant immediately sent to the hospital and after a few hours she gave birth. Despite the fears of doctors, her daughter Amber-Louise was born perfectly healthy.

With cats just fine, they are now — the main characters of the family and according to Elaine — the best animals in the world.

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