Eldorado will be searched for in Google Earth

The search for the golden city El Dorado, located somewhere in Australia, flared up. Only now the miners will not go all over the prairies of the continent, and will conduct exploration by Google Earth, sitting at home.

Men from Tamrou (Tamworth), New South Wales, made five trips to the area, located near the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, where, according to legend, was first found gold reef.

In 1929, Harold Bell Lasseter said that 18 years ago he discovered the reef, buried under the sand dunes, in a remote desert Gibson. With financial assistance from the owners of Sydney, the man tried again to find him. During the trip, Harold was abandoned by his friends, and eventually died of starvation and malnutrition, but still found the reef. So says in his diary, which was later discovered in a cave, south-west of Alice Springs.

The Hunt for the legend: treasure hunters are sure that they will find El Dorado on Google Earth
Gibson Desert, where Harold Bell Lasseter discovered gold reef

Over the next few years there have been several attempts to find gold, which, however, were not successful. However, 80 years later, some still hope that they can find treasures.

The team, which included friends of Jeff Harris and Brendan Elliott, vowed to find the gold, when they were still children. They studied Lasseter diary, which contains sketches and descriptions of places he visited before he died. Taking these data as a basis, treasure hunters are hoping to find gold using Google Earth.

"I followed in each level, Lasseter said in the diary. Each drawing from his diary I tried to find a match using Google Earth », — said Mr. Harris.

In the next few months, men are going to take a few more trips to the desert and are convinced that despite the doubts of the local people and mining companies, they would still be able to find gold.

"We have not yet found the gold, but we are sure that it is there", — told reporters Harris.

Lasseter's son, 88-year-old Bob, was in the desert for more than 10 times, trying to find gold by landmarks left by his father, but in vain. However, he also believes that there is gold.



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