Electromagnets momentum or the beginning of the apocalypse of the Great Novgorod?

It is not exactly news, apparently I missed it somehow, but nevertheless, after still publish. Local residents have already started to believe in the precursor date 21.12.12 . I think that this story will continue.

Recently in web video has been posted on the "end of the world", filmed in Veliky Novgorod. In social networks, people of the city began to discuss the approaching Apocalypse. In Novgorod, November 27, there was a strange incident, which was filmed by witnesses and posted on the Internet. In several areas of the city after a bright flash in the sky, the lights went out.

In several districts of Novgorod the lights went out for a few seconds after the bright flash. Around 20:15 the beginning of the street Kochetova lit up bright flash of light, followed by the surrounding buildings for a few seconds, the lights went out, turned off street lights. After that, the sky above the city center there was something similar to the aurora borealis. Bright flashes clearly showed through the clouds.

Then the electricity was restored, but there was an interruption on the work of several cable television operators. The townspeople believe that it could be a rehearsal for the end of the world. It can be assumed that the bright flash was a result of lightning, but no sounds similar to thunder, Novgorod did not hear anything.

Please note that the music was being played in the car immediately after the flash turned off, and the headlights of oncoming cars off. Residents also reported switch off the TV and radio, as well as cellular communication throughout the city. Such effects could cause EMP (electromagnetic pulse). It is also seen that the explosion occurred in the atmosphere and not on the ground.

The incident occurred Nov. 27, 2012.

Brief interruptions of electricity supply in Veliky Novgorod and suburbs arose as a result of prolonged exposure to large amounts of current, said in a release "Novgorod". As a result of the reintroduction of emergency control lines was successful. "When viewed from the SS" Novgorod "," District "and" Eastern "morning of November 28 specialists" Novgorod "established the cause of technological failure. In the open switchgear substation "Eastern" found the remains of a cat, "- said the" Novgorod ". The animal was the cause of a short-circuit, concluded in the company.

But could the explosion of a transformer, to provoke the consequences of such magnitude?


An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) — effects of a nuclear weapon, and any other sources of electromagnetic radiation (such as lightning, a special electromagnetic weapons, a short circuit in the electrical system of high power, or close supernova, etc.). The destructive effect of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the emergence of induced voltages and currents in the various conductors. EMP effect is manifested above all in relation to electrical and electronic equipment. The most vulnerable link, signaling and control. This may happen insulation breakdown, damage to transformers, damage semiconductor devices, etc. High-altitude explosion can cause interference in these lines to a very large area. Protection against EMI shielding is achieved by power lines and equipment.

EMP weapon does not have to be a nuclear

Pentagon commissioned by a group of scientists from the Technical University of Texas have developed and created a version of the prototype E-bomb, which is only 15 inches in diameter and five feet in length. Based on these data, we can assume that the development of very small-sized arms of this type.

This device allows you to work out an electromagnetic pulse with a peak power of 35 MW and a duration of 100-150 ns at a frequency of 6 GHz. This device, like all other members of this class of weapons, uses the energy of powerful high-explosive charges to generate electromagnetic radiation.

Bomb consists of several components that perform their role in the generation of an electromagnetic pulse. The "heart" is the bomb flux compression generator (Flux Compression Generator, FCG) which performs the function of converting and storage of energy derived from the explosion of a charge of plastic explosive C4. The second part is the generator of high-frequency oscillations, which converts the information received from FCG energy into electromagnetic waves. And third, the last major component of this antenna system which provides distribution of electromagnetic waves obtained in the desired direction at a predetermined angle of divergence.



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