Elektrochelovek. Lively generator of electricity!

Continuing the theme of hidden possibilities of the human body, and this time tell you about elektrolyudyah. Who are they? It's simple — it's the people that "lives" is quite familiar to us from your electricity! There are not many and they try not to advertise themselves, so as not to fall into the hands of experimental scientists. But some I will tell you. For starters check out this video, in which you'll see an unusual Chinese doctor providing treatment by his inexplicable ability. And yet, he knows how to ignite objects simply raising a hand to them!

Watch Elektrochelovek — Healer of China

Journal of the American edition of unusual phenomena about 20 years ago, has decided to provide the most amazing in the world elektrocheloveka 46-year-old P. Sheuz of Oregon and an unknown resident of China from Xinjiang. Asian elektrocheloveku not even shake hands when meeting, afraid to get a terrible shock. A similar phenomenon is a Chinese woman, Liu Yong, who for many years never ceases to amaze its ability to doctors and researchers. If any touch it appeared a powerful electric discharge in a hundred volts.

American Miss Sheuz as its Chinese counterparts in appearance looks like an ordinary person. However, many people are beginning to look askance at the woman in the stores or banks where she often broke all kinds of electrical devices, sometimes without even touching them with his hands. Thus Sheuz managed to burn more than twenty irons, microwaves dozen, a dozen dummies and as many TV sets as well as several washing machines and VCRs list may not be comprehensive, and the total damage done to her for a couple of years, is estimated at 10,000 pounds. Light bulbs burst in her hands. As once Sheuz accidentally killed aquarium fish by touching the water

The woman says that she regularly reduces its electrification, standing in the shower, but there are periods in which its electrical charge higher than usual it starts strong migraine, and the chances of another appliance to burn considerably increased.

Elektrolyudi meet us for a long time. About them knew long before the widespread use of electricity for household purposes. But at the time of their properties only suffered by others. It was thought, as if in some kind of hidden elektrolyudyah unusual strength, say, rampant psihomagneticheskaya.

Encountered this phenomenon in Russia. In the XIX century, unusual unexplainable knocks, self-moving things and unnatural lighting effects were seen in the housing Shapova. The source of the paranormal was a young girl. The commission included engineer A. Okunev, an employee of a local newspaper Savin and Professor A. Shustrov.

Very soon, the representatives of the Commission witnessed jingle, levitate things in the apartment, and many other phenomena. Then the work began. They set up special equipment, compasses, magnets, and more. But nothing could identify any abnormalities in the house at the time of supernatural phenomena. There was no tension of atmospheric electricity in the rooms or the saturation of the air condensed ozone. All research efforts were in vain, and the phenomenon made itself felt, without stopping even for a day.

More recent studies of the second half of the XX century have revealed that an unknown force, billowing into the air objects closer to the mechanical, not electrical or electromagnetic.

However, this does not mean that the owner of the poltergeist can not affect the electronics like Miss Sheuz. But that said on the subject of the Italian press 10.08.1983: Parents B. Sapin, 17 year old guy who could a meter from the light switch and turn off the light in the room was very worried for her child. We are incredibly excited about what is happening, said young mother, we do not leave hope to find a specialist who will heal our boy. Someone will save us. Sapin Siniora told that the day before the interview, her son, who, by the way, is trained in absentia on electronics, burned a few switches in the house: strange phenomenon began to appear in the autumn of last year. Only in the last few months, we realized that the cause of all our children.

Elektrolyudi, as you might guess, quite a dangerous person. The newspaper UFO '97 wrote rickety lean and youth: From an early age he was too strong a sick child. Peers mocked him. The boy often noticed a slight tingling sensation in the fingers. The top of his abilities, he revealed in the army, where electricity is very hit molest him sergeant.

At the same time the young man was trying to hide their own abilities, fear of publicity. One day he broke down, tearing away at the man, and the secret was revealed. The guy was driving home in a bus full of people, where he was rude to one of the passengers. This is where elektrochelovek showed their true essence, when during braking bus he took his hand to the rail, standing next to people affected by the electric shock. The guy had to tell the truth arrived at the scene enforcers.

He was invited to inspect a Science and Technology Center, associated with the military-industrial complex. Experts have determined that as a result of external influences abnormal human body spontaneously produces electricity. Under certain conditions, the potential difference is not his legs will take you up to three kilovolts.

A. Galomzina tells us of similar situations the last centuries: Small D.Morgan resident of the United States had a large electric potential, from her body literally sparks fly! People pass by a strange child. The rest, accidentally touching her swoon. Similar abilities and had a seven-year old boy from the tribe Zelu that appeared in Edinburgh in the XIX century. People were subjected to electric shock, barely touching the skin. From another small elektrocheloveka in France in the same XIX century spread so powerful discharges, which brought pain to anyone who touches it. His wrists gleamed in the darkness, and after his death at the age of 10 months, the skin gave off a faint light for some time. D.Hant talked about a couple of electric infants: the first could charge hand electrical capacitor, and the second gave rise to shake things approach it. He also was said to witnesses, exuded a soft glow of light.

That is still the case, happened to a young Japanese seamstress Isieko Dzhikaro. One day she felt very sick: cool temperatures soared, there were unbearable headaches. Doctors found that the body emits Isieko real electric current. Voltmeter connected to her skin, have a voltage rating of 16V, which could light a small light bulb, and even run a tape recorder. Doctors admitted that Isieko could turn into biogenerator electricity due to extended use with synthetic fabrics.

There are many similar stories and observations. They imply that a elektrolyudyam in most cases do not even need to hitch a voltmeter to make sure of their abilities. Here lacks the most common touch.


Watch Elektrochelovek


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