Element again caused significant damage to Moldova


Rain washed away dozens of hectares of farmland in Riscani and Drochia areas Photo: From the archives of "KP"

27.07.11.Grad and heavy rains have damaged crops in 15 villages in the north of the country. While the exact area affected farmland has not been determined, but it can be argued that we are talking about tens of hectares.

Press Secretary of Civil Protection and Emergency Liliana Puscasu reported that hail, last Tuesday evening, July 26, causes damage to agricultural areas in Riscani and Drochia areas.

In Riscani area affected agricultural land in villages Rekeriya, Recha, Miheylen, Miheyleny Noah Sverdyak, noisy, Vasileuts, Bulhac, Cheperiya, Remezan, Mihoren. Many hectares of crops have been washed away by rain in the villages Okyul Alb and Nikoren district Drochia.

District Emergency Commission shall establish the exact area affected farmland.

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Source: KP.RU-Moldova

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