Emily Whitehead. Cured from cancer, HIV-infected

American doctors have learned to treat cancer with HIV. That's one of the stories of "cure" a girl seven years of Emily Whitehead from cancer.

Specialists conducted research in the field of Genetic Engineering and were able to reprogram the deadly virus. So that in three weeks to cure HIV girl who had two days of life, according to TV channel CBS.

Seven year old Emily Whitehead of New Jersey for two years fought lymphoblastic leukemia. Doctors prescribed her radiation treatments and chemotherapy, but there was no visible results. In the end, the girl was a little better, but right before a major operation for a bone marrow transplant, she had a relapse. Then the doctors put an end to the possibility of recovery. Emily remained a few days before her organs were denied.

Then the parents of the girl was transported to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which is known as one of the best cancer centers in the United States. The center's director Stephen Group invited parents experimental, but full of promise, a treatment that is called CTL019-therapy.

The essence of the method is that the scientists modified the HIV virus. Its genetic code is changed so that the infected T-cells attack the cancerous tissue, while not affecting healthy. Healthy lymphocytes do not participate in the combat. Infected T cells recognize cancer cells through specific protein CD19. Treatment is incredibly dangerous: infection accompanied terminal decline and so weakened immune system, as well as terrible pain. Emily had little chance of surviving the first night after surgery, but without the intervention of a girl and would not have survived two days.

After the introduction of the modified virus Emily condition has improved in just a few hours. The doctors said that she was breathing evenly, she returned to normal temperature and pressure. To the surprise of doctors, three weeks later from cancer was gone. After completion of the course, which was held in April, six months have passed, but no trace of cancer in the body of baby is still there. Infitsiirovannye T cells protect the body, and now — this is another advantage of the new method of treatment over conventional methods.

CTL019-treatment were subjected to 12 more patients. Nine of these attempts ended positively. Three other children who participated in the studies also found a complete remission.

Despite the fact that the cost of treatment is high (20,000 dollars for the session), the researchers hope that this method will evolve to become more accessible and help millions of people who have lost hope. Probably, over time, this procedure will eliminate the costly operation to transplant bone marrow.

Personally for me, this story has produced mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am glad that the girl is not dead, the other — it will have to live and be treated by HIV now … I think that the choices made by parents was the right one, as if it was not painful for all members of the family.



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