Emissions of sulfur dioxide exceeded the MCL in Orsk


Emissions of sulfur dioxide exceeded the MCL

20.09.11.Utrom September 20 in the One-duty dispatchers GO, safety and emergency workers from Orsk rolling plant began receiving complaints about the air pollution in the area of sanitary protection zone of "Southern Urals Nickel Plant."

GO service, safety and emergencies reported the federal inspector Rosprirodnadzor Valentine watering and administration of the city of Orsk. Simultaneously reported complaints received were transferred to Orsk laboratory monitoring of air pollution (FGU "Orenburg Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring").

At 9:00. 35 min. were made sampling in the village. Nickel Metal Workers in DC and AC. Nezhensky 3-a. According to the results of chemical analyzes in these samples were found to exceed maximum permissible concentrations of sulfur dioxide.

The Mayor of Victor Franz immediately telephoned the Director General of OAO "Southern Urals Nickel Plant" Mikhail Mazhukin.

After that, the company has taken steps to reduce emissions, which stopped the following equipment:

— shaft furnace № 1;
— sintering machine number 3;
— reduced blast pressure at all blast furnaces.

In addition, a reduced rate of pyrites, additionally stopped furnace № 3 and № 12 converter.

General Director of Southern Urals Nickel Plant Mikhail Mazhukin assured the city that the situation is under control.

As the follow-up results of chemical analyzes, with 11.50 indicators for sulfur dioxide began to decline, and by 14 h. 20 min. excess of MPC was found.

Protocols observations Orsk laboratory monitoring of air pollution and Orsk branch of the Federal State Institution of Health "Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology" directed "Rosprirodnadzor" for response.

As the press — service of the city administration federal inspector Rosprirodnadzor watering Valentine, now in fact an excess of sulfur dioxide in the air by the Office RPN decision to initiate administrative proceedings.

In the case of a finding of guilt will be decided by the issue of bringing the company to administrative liability.

Source: Ural56.Ru

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