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Handshake. Where did this custom, so prevalent in our day? This ritual is very well settled down, but why? In all our actions there is a secret meaning hidden from the usual views. We offer a version of this custom.

Gone are the tournaments, duels. Their place was taken by a better way of explanation of the relationship — a handshake. For outwardly inconspicuous custom hides a serious energy interaction of people. With hands crossed they figure out whose mind, the will, desire or desire stronger.

Energy our hands is a great indicator of the state of the organism as a whole. If you long to keep his hands clasped, the most powerful energy individual will absorb the energy — the weaker of his friend. We all feel it, but do not attach much importance to our hunches. And for good reason! As evidence of the above, it is possible to conduct an experiment, after which, even hardened "materialists" renounce their beliefs. Take a phenomenon in the human body as blood pressure. With shaking hands, after a little practice, we can reduce or increase blood pressure.

Grasp his brush brush man with high blood pressure. Now we need to take care of that in you there was calm and poise. Your heart has to work quietly, but my head does not have to ride thought. Focus on the sensations that arise in touch. Gradually relax your fingers. At some point, this relaxation you will feel the pulse in the wrist. Focus on this pulsation. Now feel the pulse in his fingers, which you hold the brush a person with high blood pressure. The next step, make sure that the two have merged into a single pulse.

These feelings are not very pleasant, but not in a hurry to destroy created at this point the energy bridge between you and the patient. If a patient has high blood pressure, then, joining his will and desire, at the time of a breath, you're taking energy from the patient. Can you do more of these breaths, but do not get carried away.

Now, again measure the blood pressure of a patient. It will be significantly lower than the original. If this reduction is not enough, repeat this procedure until the desired numbers. Do not forget that as the pressure in the patient, your own pressure will rise and the feeling that in this case will arise, just recently plagued the patient.

You can also and give their energy to the patient, if, say, his lack of energy and low blood pressure. Of course, with the improvement of the patient's condition, your condition will worsen. After all, the energy does not disappear, and not created it — is passed. The main thing is to take care of and then to restore its state, but it is much more difficult than to help others. Indeed, in this case, you have to treat yourself, and no one can help as quickly as you have done for the patient.

This example clearly shows that there is a handshake energy bridge. And this phenomenon can be used to your advantage not only to each unconsciously but consciously. This phenomenon, in some cases be called "vampirism". Starting with a simple "friendly" handshake, we come to the phenomenon of "vampirism".

Thus, the "vampirism", what is it? And there is in fact a phenomenon about which so much conflicting information? Authors can confidently tell you that this phenomenon does exist. But the point is that the existence of this phenomenon is in varying degrees of severity. If targeted training, then, if desired, achievable positive effect. This effect is so clearly confirms the reality of everything that has been questioned before, that in the future related to the concept of "vampirism" becomes very serious.

After all, consciously or take away energy after a certain training can not only come into contact with the body of another person, but at a distance. To do this, we need to imagine a man in a ball of yarn or rope. Mentally, it is necessary to find the end of the thread. Now, mentally, with every breath should draw together with the air this thread and the energy will flow to you.

I would like to warn those who are using these techniques will want to do evil. Payback will be a delay. The very process of absorption of foreign energy at a certain level destroys that person. At the beginning of the vampire's mind is filled with people who he selected energy. This disjointed fragments of sentences and desires. Then, the vampire more and more difficult to concentrate and, in the end, he loses the opportunity to absorb other people's energy. In addition, there is the fear of losing oneself in these scraps of thoughts and desires of the people, the energy of which it feeds.

Although, there are probably some special individuals who do not lose their composure after such energy meals. Absorption of foreign energy can be a very enjoyable process. More pleasant than, say, the use of various intoxicating substances. It is therefore not surprising that real vampires have a strong dependence on the use of such ephemeral things as energy.
Can you protect yourself from a vampire? It may be worthwhile to eat a head of garlic? You can protect yourself from a vampire, if you learn how to watch for those energetic processes that occur between people during their communication. We have to be observant and careful in order not to deliberate attack.

On the other hand — the true experts-vampires too little to expose themselves to the fears and concerns. But many of us in certain situations behave as unconscious vampires. Much has been written in the literature on psychology, we will not be repeated. But, of course, the impact of unconscious vampire can not be compared with the effect of the impact of conscious energy attack. In these cases, too large difference. Unconscious — can create a very, very weak effects outflow of energy, and real — for a few seconds can make a person to faint.

Certainly known, and other phenomena that can produce people. Unexplored world of man, surely there are a lot of secrets, which are yet to uncover. We can say with confidence — shaking hands — not only welcome, but the real power battle. The one who wins it, gets it.

The word "all" is meant not only a victory over his rival, but also those diseases of the soul and the body, which sends the winner of the loser, along with a portion of its energy. For the victory, too, have to pay the price. The same can be said of people's minds. Battles go to any lengths.

The distance between the people did not reduce the severity of interactions. The man in the long run and there was always a predator. To be called a predator, not necessarily to torment each other in the physical sense, only one thought: After all, our thoughts are not covered by the law, and the consequences of an evil mind, as a rule — tragic for both sides. In this great miscalculation of material perception of the world. Perhaps this is beneficial to someone? Who benefits from keeping people in ignorance, promoting simplistic perception of our mysterious world?

Andrew Shumin, Sergey Slyadnev, "IFG"


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