Environmental disaster in Chelyabinsk. Video


9.06.11.Ekologicheskaya disaster in Chelyabinsk. Because of the damaged reservoir factory farming "Ravis" chicken waste flooded areas in the garden association "Uralets." Repair work was started only on June 9.

Above the beds hover flies vacationers instead work together to discuss the accident … away from their gardens. By garden community is gravity sewer. It connects the poultry "Ravis" with treatment facilities. According to eyewitnesses, the land suddenly the river poured caustic liquid. Sewage continues to flow to this day. And perfectly clear: besides sewage here and chicken waste — manure, feathers. Faeces flooded for more than a dozen sites.

The boldest clean beds of silt. Most of them are now interested in the analysis of the contents of the collector. "I do not know what this stuff. Can I eat after that will grow there, I do not know, "- said Alexander Kirichenko, horticulturist.

Official website of the Chelyabinsk reports: "Sanitary and laboratory services CBM" POVV "conducted sampling and the analysis of waste water from the reservoir. The results showed that the water is toxic. "

Poultry farm state: cause of the accident — a rotten pipes, replace that prevents them from pooling water and sanitation. "In the CBM" POVV "laid pipe, which at that time was not replaced due to the fact that we were not allowed into the territory for a replacement. This was 2007-2008. Now it happened congestion "- explains Denis Sogrin, chief power factory farming" Ravis ".

Representatives of industrial water and wastewater associations, in turn, argues that allowing the enterprise to get a snap. It shows the documents. The eighth of June, "Ravis" stated the need to repair the pipeline. Today the technology in the field. "Look, here they work. And there are no obstacles, — says Evgeny Davydov, deputy director of the MUP "POVV" producing. — Presumably, "Ravis" permanently dispose of waste production: feathers, fat head. I think that just turning the corner of a traffic jam from the debris, and the water does not pass. "

Now the unfortunate collector disabled. A hit growers can count on compensation for damage caused by landings.

Matthew Kondrashov, Nikolai Yakovlev

STRC "South Ural"

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