Environmental disaster in Olympic Sochi


31.01.11.Chereda accidents at construction Sochi Olympic race in 2014 recently went on. Baton opened in July 2009, an accident during the construction of the tunnel combined road Adler — Krasnaya Polyana.

Then a sudden breakthrough of groundwater destroyed equipment. There were no casualties. Then came the turn of the sea port under construction: December 14, 2009 the construction of a storm washed away these things to the seabed. With him disappeared in the deep 3-professional diver. And in January 2010 and its valley "walked" p. Mzymta: coming out of the banks as a result of heavy rain, it flooded vehicles and trailers where the workers lived, taking with him three accidents gasterbayterov.

Then the authorities decided that the situation must be taken under control and taboo for information on similar events occurring in the area of the Olympic construction, adversely affecting the image of the preparation for the Olympic Games. All well and good there for almost a year and only the public was fed information from those who were directly working. But then came the year 2011, and then suddenly it turns out,
there every day under avalanches and landslides collapses technique, although about people — again, not a word. To clarify the situation, contact Dr. Anvitori Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a former expert consultant «Olympstroy" Sergey Nikolayevich Volkov, who was forced to leave Russia in connection with the persecution unleashed against him for the truth. Here it was possible to know.

The story of the expert

Like it or not, and the nature of reality against the Olympics. And she is our Mother, began to beat the direct fire. January 15 at p. Dzyhra, which is a tributary. Mzymta occurred manmade environmental disasters: heavy rains set in motion a highly toxic dump piles of rocks, which are taken from the construction of tunnels, and form a powerful mudslide killed all life in the river and the reservoir. Now, according to environmentalists, they're dead. This situation is described in detail on the website Environmental Watch on North Caucasus, and is shown in the video. Focus only on professional thinking about the geochemistry of rocks in the area and that, as actually happened in terms of the future prospects of the development of the environmental situation.

To start once again remind you of what a district of Olympic construction. Krasnaya Polyana — a unique area in the variety of mineral ore occurrences and geochemical anomalies. If you look at a geological map of the state, it appears that this area is literally packed with anomalies of toxic, highly toxic and radioactive elements. This uranium and mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium, copper, nickel, and chromium ….. You can continue for very long. There's even a uranium deposit is the entire range of products of its radioactive decay. 80% of all mercury is myshyakovisto-chalcopyrite zone. This means that no matter where you dig, always run into some environmental stuff, if not mercury, arsenic, arsenic, if not, the cadmium, lead, or copper, if not inhale a couple of radioactive radon gas, or get an extra dose of the decaying uranium.

All these elements are part of a wide variety of rocks, on which the excavation of tunnels. I will not list them here, it is a professional sphere, I will note only those that stand out for their toxic properties. This black bituminous shale, dark-blue mudstones, siltstones, and various transitional composition rocks containing sulfides. They are concentrated in an elevated background not only a wide range of toxic elements — mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, copper, chromium, nickel, manganese, and radioactive uranium. With the disintegration of rocks and the interaction with water, they give the color of lead toxic slurry, which enters the river, giving them a very grim.

In nature, these processes are continuously during heavy rains and floods and passing slick pereotlagaetsya in sediments, forming secondary geochemical anomalies. It is no accident on the toxicity of sediments due to the concentration of cadmium and lead, p. Mzymta always been in the top three rivers of the Black Sea coast, this fact is well known to geologists. And if you do not touch the mountain slopes of construction, not to cut down the forest and build anywhere, Nature itself will adjust the balance, without compromising herself and the man.

What does the prevalence of geochemical anomalies for nature? This means that such places are better left alone and walk away with any construction. That, in fact, and do in any civilized country.

But in Russia, as you know, common sense is resting even when designers and builders to know in advance about such properties of rocks. For example, I specifically at workshops «Olympstroy" explicitly stated its officials and JSC "Russian Railways" at particular risk of black shales and mudstones. In a research note I emphasized that the groundwater in karst mountains, through which cuts through the tunnels, the reaction products may contain uranium with light elements, which produces a particularly dangerous radioactive isotope of hydrogen — tritium. It is a fact, incidentally, was recorded by scientists in 2000 just on the river. Mzymta.

All officials and designers know this, but … ignore. Moreover, the technology of tunneling involves the use of special chemicals with a strongly alkaline reaction. In fact, the process of penetration, strong alkali processed toxic rock, and then disintegrated rock with sludge removed to the surface and goes to landfill. In other words, the toxic elements related to the mineral composition of the rock, the builders treated the same toxic liquid and the product with the properties supertoksichnymi dumped in a landfill. Thus, given the nature of the situation to manage on your own. The result is a long wait did not make themselves. Heavy rain and the accumulated weight of such waste floated down the debris flow on the river. Dzyhra.

The result is illustrated by photographs and videos (see links above) Murdered landscape, killed the river and the reservoir. Well, what's next? And then the whole world is watching as a growing number of anomalous phenomena is everywhere — here and there — heavy rains, floods, mudslides, landslides and other hazards. And the climate anomaly, as well as elsewhere, in the western Caucasus will increase. Only the first month of winter showed the average temperature in Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi on 5 degrees above normal. Already in January, and will soon be over, and the snow cover is not visible. Instead — the rains ….

And they will continue to erode this dump, involving runoff highly toxic slick. And it will be their transformation processes of low-emission forms of migration within highly toxic under the influence of surface water, such as is the case with chromium. And this explosive mixture will spread further and further into the Black Sea Mzymta, significantly reducing ghosting living organisms. It is possible that the person in contact with drinking water sources.

Sergey Volkov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, prof. Russian Ecological Academy, a former assessor «Olympstroy".

Sad conclusion

Editorial Anviktori thank Sergei Nikolaevich for detailed explanations. What happened, as always, does not fit into any environmental building standards. As always, officials at all levels, including such respected institutions as the IOC and UNEP mission to the UN, trying, as it were, to ignore the incident. Either they do not understand what happened, or understand, but turn a blind eye. Is it because the majority of ecologists, including world-famous Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Greenpeace at the time refused to cooperate not only with the Russian "Olympstroy", but now, with UNEP. The reason is simple, those international experts, who perform "environmental support" of the construction of Olympic venues and do nothing for the obvious, completely wild disorders themselves are the same offenders. All this points to the sad thought: something is fishy. It seems that international officials such as corrupt as Russian.

Source: Anvictory

Video. Construction Kurortny Prospekt caused landslide


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