Environmental disaster in the river Padovka. Video


3.08.11.Nakanune became aware of the arrival of the next industrial effluents into the river Padovka suffering in the Volga region, which already has the second highest contamination in the Samara region.

As a result, experts recorded exceeding the standards for harmful substances almost a hundred times.

The fact that it is recognized as one of the most polluted bodies of water province, visible to the naked eye. Sometime in Padovke vodilas good fish, fishermen are now on the banks of the fetid water body can not be found. Heavily silted river, the bottom and the shore littered with waste civilization.

But most of all environmentalists are concerned the chemical composition of water. Nitrite nitrogen content exceeds the maximum permissible rates already at 88 times, a high level in the river of hydrogen sulfide, sulfate, and organic compounds.

Contribute to pollution and contributes located near Padovki pig farm. Flavored chemistry river flows into Samarka then dead water gets into the Volga.

Source: STRC "Samara"

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