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Who "stole" In 20 YEARS OF SERGEI yaltintsev cottonseed IT "I"?

In Sevastopol psychiatric hospital this young man was in the beginning of February. At night he was found by a military patrol station on the railroad tracks in heavy rain. It is a sober guy standing on the tracks, oblivious to the rain. The military asked a stranger for the documents, but he did not have. He also could not name any of their first or last name or place of residence or work. The case of cottonseed, when a person is cleared, "an autobiographical core", and the intellect is preserved — as yet little understood.

Lose yourself

At the hospital, "Foundling" was placed under the provisional name of Nicholas. So named because, in response to the list of male names mentioned him to hear, "Nicholas", the guy gave associative — "St. Nicholas." Everything that had happened to him in life until you meet with the patrol, he did not remember.

In the third compartment (it is headed by Marina V. Lentyakova) examined the patient from head to toe, trying to find traces of injection or injury. Was found. How not found and drugs, signs of alcohol in the blood.

— Patient was examined by a number of doctors, including a physician, neurologist, psychologist, — says the doctor third branch Pavel Yakovlev. — Conducted ultrasound of the brain, EEG done. Did not reveal any abnormalities. The general physical condition of young men was normal.

Testing that is conducted psychologists, confirmed that the boy erased all information relating to his own "self." He did not know when and where he was born, who his parents are, if he has any brothers or sisters … Yet surely guided in historical events, dates, knew the country, many cities, poems and words of many songs, had a good vocabulary, well-written. Were tested at the request of said technology cook some meals or mortar, the principle of the internal combustion engine …

With this form of amnesia doctors Sevastopol psychiatric hospitals have faced for the first time.

MAMA, I do not know you

Along with the medical studies have been sought relatives or acquaintances patient. Joined the militia, began searches. In the Ukrainian newspaper with an article with a photo. A few days after publication in the office of the chief medical clinics George KP got a call from Yalta. The caller was a close friend of the missing mother guy. Postal worker, she saw the photo, read the article and immediately sounded the alarm. The next day, my mother came to the hospital strange foundling — Natalia Cotton and tears rushed to Sergei. Sergei is his own mother, to her chagrin, never heard respectfully addressed her with "you."

…February 3 man does not come home after work and Natalia herself ran to the store where the guy worked as a loader. However, there did not know anything about his son, except that the day before the disappearance, he received a salary. The mother continued to search, interviewed friends, acquaintances, and rang the hospital and even the morgue.

As it turned out, in Sebastopol cottonseed never been, here they have no relatives or friends. How and why Sergei found himself in Sevastopol train station — a mystery.

— Unfortunately, we do not have time to do everything possible to restore the memory of Sergei — says the doctor Pavel Yakovlev. — The mother decided to take him home, hoping that the native walls — the best doctor. All the observations, conclusions and recommendations we passed in Yalta hospital where Sergei Slams continue treatment.


If Sebastopol this case is unique, as evidenced by George Kadomtsev, in Ukraine recorded dozens of people "who have forgotten themselves." Most often they were found exactly at railway stations. According to P. Yakovlev, "forgotten himself" found in the Crimea.

There are versions that people can immerse themselves in such a state as a result of strong emotions, stress, traumatic brain injury. It is possible exposure to chemicals may have a yet unknown drug that blocks memory. This preparation may be in development — probably underground. But then the question arises: who will need this regular guy? Or people for testing kidnapped "from the street"?

George Kadomtsev admits the possibility of drugs that block the memory, the scientific development in this direction was carried out for a long time and in different countries. If a person is deprived of his own "I", then he has lost the fulcrum, he would rather perform any team orders. This robotics, zombie rights. (Perhaps something similar is used in the preparation of suicide-terrorists?)

In the urine of Sergei Khlopkov found tranquilizer which functions in a reasonable dosage is not dangerous, but an overdose can even lead to death. It is noteworthy that this drug is very difficult to get it — just a special recipe. As the drug was in the body of the young men with whom Sergey communicate? With all of these issues have yet to understand — and not only medical, but also the police.

Pasyakin Vladimir Korets Marina own. corr. "Labor."


Work number 067 of 13.04.2004

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