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13.04.12. Establishment of a new world government on the planet Earth has already started and is forced movement, not only militarily, but also economically.

The other day on the Internet, interesting and at the same time alarming site, which has the name "Project Armageddon." The project site is registered March 14, 2012, is located on the server hosting provider in Russia Makhost.
Bit does not match the name of the website with the domain address: Although, it is looking at what angle to look at. Perhaps to live in a new world order will need a special passport and an appropriate visa?

Section "About" page title contains the following:


Also in this section are quotations from the Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 21:

Middle of its street, and one on the other side of the river, the tree of life, bearing twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree — for the healing of the nations.

The citation in the following terms:

That said, the river napoet plantings in her Saints, called the tree of life allegorically by participation and imitation tree of life — Christ. — They bud twelve fruits, that is, produce a continuous return of the fruit, because there will not be sinful winter forced, as we now see, the tree of life to endure the fall of leaves, but comes century incessant fruiting Saints. — He is called here as the twelve prinarovitelno to normal we krugoobrascheniyu year and for the preaching of the twelve apostles. — Is it possible to interpret the present verse differently. Under the river, as I said, you can understand the gifts of the Most Holy Holy Spirit, through which the throne of the Father and of the Son, that is, through the ranks of the Cherubic Hymn, which is on the throne, sits God sends to Stogney city, that is, on numerous company for they, the beautiful landscaping of the celestial hierarchy, flows from the former to the latter. The Tree of Life marks Christ, who understands in the Spirit and the Holy Spirit: for the Spirit of Him and He worshiped in Spirit and is the giver of the Spirit. Through Him the same fruits and twelve Apostles face grant us neoskudevayuschy bogorazumiya fruit. Predicted the year of the Lord, or a pleasant day and retribution prophesied.

Now let's move on to the objective pursued by the system. Where the fun begins, there is a direct link to the creation of a new world order:

1) Simultaneous identification, acquisitions and alliances in a single macro network "WORLD ONLINEREAL BANK" — all private, commercial and public finance banks on Planet Earth.

2) One-time implementation of the macro network "WORLD ONLINEREAL BANK" one world (fixed) payment unit (currency): "WOB".

So we see that the creators of the project wanted to unite all the structures into a single network with controlled single world currency, all the hair in exactly as described for the new world order!

The purpose of this task at first sight quite positive:

Simultaneous macro economic growth — all the identified units, groups and societies people on Planet Earth. Simultaneous utilization on Planet Earth, all crime — all identified financial sectors and regions.

It seems like everything is beautiful, the eradication of corruption, economic crimes, BUT! Are you not afraid of the word recycling (please!!) On planet Earth? Do you know the meaning of the direct disposal and these are the plastic coffins being procured in the U.S. running FEMA, once neatly knitted together. So, the goal is disposal of all dissidents. Disposal Methods think up!

Now let's look at a passage from Revelation of St. John the Evangelist in the "About" on our mysterious site:

And the twelve gates — were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honor into it.

How can we interpret this quote from the "Revelation" of chapter 21? It should be noted that not indicate who they are, God or the Antichrist? Perhaps it is the temple of the Antichrist, which will include the golden billion elect, who now rules the kings of the earth. Did you notice that many large states are beginning to increase their gold reserves? Now let's see what is gold!

"Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year, (it was) six hundred sixty-six talents of gold" (2nd Chronicles chapter 9, 13). It is known, that Solomon was the richest man on earth. So, 666 — number, which means gold as wealth. Hence, the name of the beast is the name of the god of gold (the golden calf). Consider further. 36 = 6 x 6. Six times six. Thus, the root of the number 666 — 6 (six). The name of the god of wealth by Aramaic-Mammon. Six letters. And so in all languages of the world. That's all the math. "You can not serve God and mammon." "And he give breath to the image of the beast …" — the spirit of avarice. Wherefore it is said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Amen.

As a citizen of Ukraine, I want to give you an example of the formation of reserves of the state through a social advertising, which means that the formation is for the future, I wonder, if not for the golden billion and the Antichrist?

The site is also present "Contacts" section, though it does not contain the physical address of the mysterious structures as "Project Armageddon," it leads to other resources, which is invited to the project proposal. Significantly, the official faces of the user is listed under the name of "sin."

Well, the end of our review site, let us consider how it will look passport representative of the "Project Armageddon." Image shown is accompanied by the following: The document identifies a person and all aspects and areas of human activity — at any point in space and time on Planet Earth. In both! Do not want to afford such?)))

As we can see, on the one sheet per Airapet'yants Yegor Artemovich from Dushanbe. Unfortunately Google says little about the identity of the person, know only one person with that name, he is the director of "Suite Comfort", which specializes in courier services.

The site also offers to become an investor of a new world currency WOB, but while in the graph investment litsezreet 0.

Well, comrades, to queue for the new passports of citizens of planet Earth! Who is the last?


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