Estonia has grown mushroom weighing 4.5 kilograms


Langermanniya giant foto: Mirjam Maekivi

16.09.11.Segodnya tomorrow in Valga museum you can see a mushroom of the genus Golovach mushroom family — Langermanniyu giant. Weight of the fungus is 4.5 kg, a diameter of the circle reaches more than 135 cm

This unusual mushroom especially for the exhibition brought Valga resident Marina Lauck. The head of the exhibition Taiwo Tuberika, Environmental Education Center staff were surprised when they first saw a big mushroom.

The biggest giant Langermanniyu found in Estonia in 1960 in the vicinity of Saka. Weight of the fungus is 16 kg, height — 41 cm circumference of the fungus reached 198 cm in diameter

Besides Langermannii giant on display are about 140 species of fungi.

Source: Estonia —

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